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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I doubt Kelly was being intentionally malicious.

    But, let's not pretend that you wouldn't find it insensitive that when you were clearly (you didn't really need insider information to at least see that) going through personal hell, you hear that people were speculating that you were doing it for laughs. There were several other celebrities at the time that responded to questions about Britney with more grace and empathy when interviewers egging them to talk shit (Beyonce, Rihanna) so it just wasn't Kelly's finest moment.
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  2. I generally think Kelly is one of the most genuine and nice celebrities out there but she has had the priviledge of not having to struggle with that type of issues or she would know that no one would fake that for fun or attention or whatever. I don't think her intent was malicious but she should have been more careful.

    That said, I'm sure she has educated herself now and she's always been supportive of Britney so I'm not sure she deserved this.
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  3. How would she even be seeing these old ass clips? Are stans tagging her in posts on instagram or something?
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  4. I understand she has every right to feel betrayed by everyone and pissed at everyone who said anything sarcastic to say about her, but its starting to feel a bit weird. I mean, writing that caption for something Kelly said a decade ago but also dancing carelessly to Timberlake's songs and tagging him?

    At this point I think she watches small clips and comments on them.

    Again, she has every right to be upset, but I genuinely thing it'd be better for her to target her emotions to those who hurt her all these years and not go overboard with every single thing people have said.
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  5. I....still don't think she's talking about Kelly because it makes 0 sense dd.

    Kelly was one of the few celebrities back then to stand up for her, if you watch that interview those people were trying to get her to make fun of her and she wouldn't budge, she even kept trying to change the subject. She's only said nice things about her, from when she was at her worst to recently.
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  6. Nn it would kind of rub me the wrong way if she is actually going after Kelly for such an innocuous comment a decade and a half ago and not, say, Sarah Silverman. Like, yes, she has every right to say whatever she wants...but there are so many worse things that people have done / said.
  7. She hasn't been spitting fire at randoms, though? She's already talked at length about how her family has hurt her, she's discussed Justin Timberlake, Diane Sawyer, etc. The only possibly misdirected (in my view) ones I can recall have been Xtina and Kelly.
  8. Also, here's the full interview clip, there's more to it than that tweet. The interviewers were really trying to egg her on, she kept trying to be nice and flip things to being positive. (Starts at around 3:40)
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  9. I actually didn't consider it, but she's probably going through every little clip / mention of her while writing her book. I'm sure it's incredibly traumatic and this is her way of releasing. Still hope she's not going after Kelly, but it would make more sense in that context.
  10. Yeah she's definitely trying to defend her and change the subject in the full clip. These hosts though... literal scum.
  11. She did mention a couple months ago that the reason she keeps bringing up the past is because she’s in the process of writing her book, and that it’s hard bringing up past events in her life that she’s never been able to express openly.

  12. Yeah, but to be fair, the most known clip online omits a majority of that and is only about 30 seconds long. It’s easy to forget Britney hasn’t had unfiltered access to the internet for the last 13 years, and I doubt she was sitting at home on YouTube in 2007 when that clip initially came out amongst everything else she had going on at the time, so she could be very well seeing this stuff for the first time, and it’s fair that it’s upsetting to her regardless of when it happened.

    She’s definitely been looking herself up. I think she said as much in her “Brave New Girl” post. Some of the videos and photos and references to events she shares seem like she’s digging through her own past online to see what’s out there.
  13. The funny thing is, of all people, someone who actually has a lot in common with Britney is Kelly.
  14. I feel truly horrible about how traumatizing that place must have been for her.
  15. Rolls Royceney, Champagney, Nailsney and Britishney, all in the space of 25 seconds.

  16. I think we all just have to stop policing or trying to make sense of her trauma. I don't understand most of what she posts and I don't really think it's my place to try to. I'm just happy that she's able to express herself however the hell she wants. It's going to be uncomfortable to some, confusing to some, and over-the-line to some. She's going to fuck up and say things we may not like. But I don't think any of us, even those of us who I know genuinely care for and love Britney, can understand what she's been through. If she's looking back and examining how some of her peers have treated or talked about her, related to the conservatorship or not, it's not surprising that she'd be hurt and upset at certain things.

  17. Very true, she has a lot to get off her chest and her feelings are her feelings. It just makes me sad if she saw that one clip of Kelly that was taken out of context and thought she had bad intentions, I hope she knows that she was trying to defend her in that whole segment.

    That said, supposedly she’s covering Womanizer on her show next week!
  18. RMK


    It's not surprising, but also Kelly didn't do anything wrong or vile? Britney is going to process things and that should be respected, but it would also be unfortunate if this sent a mob Kelly's way. It's a bit similar to the Christina situation... It makes sense that she'd be hurt, but we also can't pretend we're blind to something that's very out of pocket.
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  19. According to that awful website Britney will be getting married today and - surprisingly - Bryan is said to be in attendance…..
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