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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Even in the edited clip that just sounds to me like Kelly is trying to find a way to spin the conversation to not having to discuss what Britney was going through.
  2. It definitely looks like something is happening imminently, there appears to be a huge marquee in what I think is her garden. She really deserves all the happy-ever-afters if it is true.
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  3. People also reported on this! Apparently it will be very intimate with around 60 guests, and Britney will wear Versace.
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  4. I hope she has the day of her dreams, and I really hope the paps aren't too intrusive now that the word is out. She deserves to feel like a princess today. I'm so, so happy for her.
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  5. They already have helicopters above her house
  6. Tea.

    I doubt Kelly is taking this personally anyway. I think we've all seen since her early days, even before the c-ship, that Britney generally has only positive things to say about her peers, and hasn't often taken the bait to trash or shade them as they have her (not talking about Kelly here, but we all know the many 2000s artists that did).

    Sadly, her stance was rare. And I'm not saying that to put Britney on a pedestal, because many of those artists that took jabs, are great, beloved artists who were just playing the game the industry expected of them, have repented since..etc. But I think it makes sense when you're that kind of humble, innately positive person to be sensitive to instances when that positivity isn't reciprocated. Her "clap-backs" are typically tame unless she's talking about team con anyway so I'm just glad she's able to express herself and process her trauma in her own way on her terms.
  7. It's Sky promo.

  8. Preston and Jayden aren't attending the wedding which is really surprising.
  9. If the rumoured guest list is correct then she’s pulling one hell of a flex having all these major names attend… I wonder if she’s done something more low-key with her kids. If it were a massive wedding with lots of family then I’d imagine having them there would be easy but with so few attending, and so many being famous, I suppose they’d need a chaperone and I can’t imagine she’d want KFed there to sit with them in lieu of her own family (Bryan making the list doesn’t surprise me).

    I hope she has a fabulous day. She deserves happiness, and I hope everything is okay for her.
  10. She deserves the world. Anxiously awaiting photos of the dress
  11. The list I saw can't be true. Gwyneth Paltrow and Britney do not know each other. I'm sure Cade knows her... I don't know, I just have a hard time seeing that be true.
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  12. She's married to the creator of Glee, maybe Britney's kept in touch since her appearance on the show. Gwyneth was also vocally supportive of #FreeBritney.
  13. Imagine though if Britney got Madonna and Goop in the same room again! Her power!
  14. We also don't know who Britney talks to privately?
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  15. That gives me a bad feeling for some reason.
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  16. I do hope she shares some wedding photos with us! I need to see her in that Versace wedding gown.
  17. And K-Fed’s lawyer gave a well wishing statement on their behalf?
  18. I hope she has a wonderful wedding day. She deserves the world.
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  19. Apparently People magazine will be covering the wedding, so wait and see I guess.
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