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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. She looks so incredible. Look at her!
  2. I'm screaming at the fact that she could have easily worn this for any Piece of Me show
  3. She looked so happy and full of joy
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  4. These photos could make every single person on planet earth feel happy. She is radiant glowing beautiful and content. I’m so happy she was able to have people there she felt safe and happy with and by the looks of it have the time of her life dancing away.

    Also iconic that all the photos look very IPhone esque. Truly on brand.
  5. I love how comfortable she looks. This is the first time we've seen her professionally photographed since the conservatorship ended. I wish her a lifetime of happiness.
  6. I'm now leaning more into the camp of Vogue does have an exclusive HQ picture of her in the dress and the mini interview
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  7. Oh to be a fly on the wall people watching at that party!
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  8. I just want MOREEEE
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  9. Barefoot at her own wedding reception, I fucking love this woman.
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  10. I’m almost certain that she’s gonna be on the cover with the way they’re teasing everything but I front shot of her…
  11. She's smiling with her whole face, even in those photos you can see the glow in her eyes. This is a woman who is truly happy and at peace and deserves every part of it.
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  12. I cried. So happy for her. And to see her happy and dancing like that is the most amazing feeling ever. Congratulation Brit. Wish you a lifetime of happiness.
  13. I love how this is all sounding like a stan’s fever dream.

    “Britney danced to Toxic at her own wedding”

    “Britney sang Stars Are Blind at her wedding”

    “Madonna and Britney recreated their VMA kiss at the wedding”

    “Paris Hilton sang live”
  14. And all of this during pride month? Britney really did say gay rights.
  15. I’m over the moon ecstatic for her.
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