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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. My heart is so full. I'm combusting?
  2. Me going to do the school run after seeing those photos.

  3. Rosengart is giving "you're doing amazing sweetie"


  4. It's also fantastic to see her doing deals with Vogue, giving quotes etc. Makes me feel she's easing slowly back into the business.
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  5. Would you say that you're a...

    Man On The Moon.mp3
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  6. I actually feel like these are being released because she’s not doing a cover. They sent them out to various outlets, each one having a couple new exclusive images.
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  7. They're all on Shutterstock. I think you need a professional account to view and pay for them. Different outlets will likely buy different pictures. This is my assumption anyway.

    I just think Vogue does have an exclusive as they are the only one with a direct quote plus the fact there's not a single HQ image of her in the dress has me thinking it's for a cover or at least a proper article.
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  8. Seeing her and Madonna together is making me a little emotional.
  9. Absolutely taken time from my work day to GUSH at these pictures.

    Seeing her mingle, party, dance, smile, serve looks and be around people she considers her friends and peers.

    This is her happiness. It is radiant.
  10. Well, yeah, but my point is that I don’t think they’d release these at all if there was an exclusive. We’re seeing everything now. A magazine would want the exclusive or else it’s not really worth it to them.
  11. Yes but also please direct your attention to KATHY HILTON WITH A MICROPHONE
  12. This is too iconic!!

    And to think, no one expected any of this as little as a few days ago, love this for her!
  13. The exclusive (if there is one) would be her in the dress which we don't have properly. Just a couple of shots from an iPhone.
  14. 100%! They did a good job keeping it quiet until yesterday morning when things were starting to be set up anyway so it was pretty obvious.
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  15. These pictures fill my heart. It looks like a beautiful ceremony. The kiss with Madonna is so sweet!
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  16. Oooo, now imagine if she does another interview with Vogue for "post-wedding life" with the HQ of her dress and a formal book announcement? I'm in stan fantasy land.
  17. I think we passed the point when we learnt about her dancing to Toxic with Selena Gomez and Paris Hilton, before performing a duet of Stars Are Blind with the latter.

    Honestly, what in the world of gay stan fantasy has today been??
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  18. Seeing her with Madonna... my heart stopped for a few seconds.
  19. Britney and Madonna together literally made my day. I’m so so happy for her! She deserve this and so much more!
  20. Ugh these pics, I'm so so happy for her. She deserves the world.
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