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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I love that everyone attending (groom included) seem to genuinely love Britney. I'm happy for her.
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  2. I love everything about the wedding, but my favourite detail is that Britney and Sam left at 22:15 pm. Every wedding should end this early!
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  3. Keep finding myself thinking about Britney as I go about my day and I’m just so happy for her.
  4. Someone’s gotta say that Selena picked a perfect wedding guest fit.
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  5. Not this ddd
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  6. RMK


    It really isn't necessary and pure speculation, but I could see her not wanting to spend the night with Madonna or a small handful of her peers that's unclear. It should be about Britney, but I get it.
  7. I feel like the only other celebs that truly would have fit in that group would've been Miley or maybe Rihanna.
  8. The video made my heart just explode. I don’t know a better woman, I simply don’t know!! I love her with all my heart and to see her get her happy ending (or happy beginning) keeps making me smile. I love it when genuinely good people win!
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  9. Love seeing Brit and Madonna together.

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  10. Watching Madonna touch Britney all over while Like A Virgin plays…
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  11. Britney shouting “Great song! By this legend here!” as Like A Virgin starts with Madonna standing right in front of her. My heart!!

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  12. Like, am I stuck in a fever dream? Because this doesn’t feel like actual real life.
    God I’m so fucking to see her surrounded by so much love and joy. She deserves the world.
  13. I love this so much.
  14. The way she looks from side to side with that fire in her eyes. The change in her since the conservatorship ended is incredible. She truly was institutionalised.
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  15. Giving VMA 2003 vibes with that side to side eyes!
  16. It just makes me so happy to see her having so much fun, and filled with so much joy, in a way that isn't forced or full of restrictions. We haven't seen her this way in years.
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  17. Didn’t she wear a diamond thong for her iconic Oops performance though? *thinking emoji*


    I was just mostly elated for the photos, but it’s this one that really got me. It’s the most Britney thing ever.
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  18. The spark is really back. It's like seeing Britney from 15 years ago, those monsters did put the light in her out.
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