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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. She’s me your honor
  2. Looks like Miss Donatella has been hustling hard to get Britney to be their ambassador this year. I wonder if she'll be convinced to do it in an official capacity or she'll just sponsor her wardrobe once in a while.

    I didn't really like the dress.
  3. He


    I’m pretty sure you have good intentions, and are trying to be positive. But many here keep going about her looking younger or like same as in her “peak” when she was 20.

    And she really doesn’t look 20, mainly because she’s a 40 year old woman. Same as any other popstar in the forum.

    And while less stress and anxiety, specially rest, can make you look less tired, it’s disingenuous to imply that is what is happening between those pictures. Lighting and make up specially play a big role in these photos looking different (and airbrushing and other Instagram filters). Then there’s botox and or fillers that make even a bigger difference.

    Britney looks amazing yes, and more importantly, happy. Let’s celebrate that without resorting to unfair comparisons.
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  4. RMK


    I don't understand that fan account. You're also taking a photo from an event years ago and comparing it to a instagram post that's been edited? She's clearly glowing lately, but discussing her appearance like that isn't my favorite.
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  5. He


    Never mind the fan accounts that edit old photos and make her look like a doll. So odd and horrific.
  6. Love that Sam is continuing Britney’s iconic t-shirt slogan tradition.

  7. No amount of raccoonery has ever made Britney Spears less than conventionally gorgeous.
  8. I know Lynne did not deserve to be invited but her comment reminded me of how close Britney and her mom used to be. It's sad things turned out the way they were.

  9. Kinda iconic that Paris opened her DJ set during Xtina’s gig at LA Pride with Toxic. She really, really does love anything and everything Britney.
  10. A Britney Versace campaign shot by Steven Meisel would be a dream.
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  11. Or it could be another attempt to get close to her daughter. We don't know what her true intentions are. She's lost her source of cash now, so anything she does will continue to be suspicious in my eyes.
  12. Lynne is taking Britney to court next month in hopes she can finally convince them to make Britney pay her legal fees dd
  13. I was on the fence about Lynne, I thought she was also being manipulated by Jamie but this is what threw me over the edge. It's gross. It also exposes how they see Britney and her money. They think "oh, we'll just make Britney pay for it". I'm sure this was the case pre-conservatorship as well. It's disgusting. In what WORLD would Britney have to pay for Lynne's attorney fees?? It's already a gross enough system that Britney had to pay for Jamie's fees. I'm glad she didn't invite her.

    Anyway, back to how incredible the wedding was!
  14. Ok but we need the Toxic video.

  15. The erasure!

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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Lynne posted that on social media to try to get sympathy. The woman has no shame.
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  18. A Britney stan had a birthday party?
  19. Sam and Britney have a new house, sadly TMZ leaked it.

    It looks gorgeous, it's down the road from her 2008 house in Calabasas. I think it'll be much more secure than where she was.

    New husband, new house, Britney is happy, everything is looking so good!
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