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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Good! Whatever happened on Thursday was a security disaster, they deserve to be fired.
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  2. I knew my queen said fuck 12.
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  3. Her family will never know peace. Maybe after the book comes out, if she's merciful.
  4. I can't imagine what it must be like to support your entire family only for them to turn around and treat you like shit.
  5. If they hadn’t been so evil and greedy I’m sure Britney would have loved and supported them but here we are, they are relatives not family.
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  6. Only Britney could talk about her, Madonna and Selena falling while dancing, drag cops and her awful family in one post. That’s my momma.
  7. This tweet and the first reply are amazing - I’d love it if emojis actually made it somewhere into the book. I love this woman so bloody much.
  8. It's deleted now, but was she referencing this post?

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  9. I think so but apparently that Instagram account is fake
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  10. Wait… Britney’s brother is kinda hot tho…
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  11. Please go to the light and see Jesus. Or at the very least a local Specsavers.
  12. Britney essentially saying ACAB feels correct to me.
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  13. Britney being anti-cop and having some major contempt for the United States is so funny to me since Sam is the direct opposite.
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  14. He


    Ddd, is he? Hope he sees the light and educates himself.
  15. Wasn't Sam a cop in Israel? Or was it a solider....I feel like he's posted about it in the past
  16. Nn he's from Iran so I don't think he would ever have anything to do with Israel.
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  17. Oh right, swap my question to be Iran then
  18. 'I have an assistant to make my dinner reservations.'

    Icons only.
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  19. Pretty sure he moved to the US when he was like 12. He posted about being in some sort of police cadet program when he was in high school.
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