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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Jamie has filed court documents, saying that she has been trashing him on social media. He wants her to be questioned about her saying that she was forced to give 8 tubes of blood for medical treatment, was forced to participate in therapy and was not allowed to own pain-reliever meds.

    He's such a cunt.
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  2. He


    Yikes. I guess now defamation lawsuits can be won by abusers, he might try his shot.

    That’s pretty low, specially right after her wedding. Hope she doesn’t have to deal with it much.
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  3. Britney has one of the best lawyers in the country. She shouldn’t worry.
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  4. I'd be very surprised if the judge grants Jamie's motion - based on her Instagram posts? Really? Besides, I would be even more surprised if Rosengart isn't lining up witnesses from Britney's stay at that place.

    I think deep down Jamie knows he can't win and has nothing to lose but is willing to torture Britney for as long as the court allows it. It's why he wanted every record from the past 13 years (which includes personal information about his entire family and not just Britney) unsealed.
  5. Jamie is just stalling his own deposition until he drops dead so he doesn't have to go to prison

  6. I hope these songs leak one day. Most likely from In the Zone sessions.
  7. This sounds amazing to be honest
  8. Me in Barcelona during Primavera Sound 2019
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  9. I feel sorry for Satan having him as company in the near future.
  10. I just listened to this episode from December 2020 and if you are into that sort of thing (i.e. Astrology) it's really interesting. The astrologer alligns major events from her life with her planets. Also, he predicted that May 26th, given or taken three days, or 30 days after, thus June 26th, would bring a significant event with regard to something coming to an end, i.e. the conservatorship. Her public testimony was June 23rd.

    Obviously, if you think it's all bollocks don't listen and just move on with your day.
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  11. This was sweet. Rock in Rio wasn’t in 2007, though.
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  12. I wouldn’t mind living in Will’s alt universe though where (and now I’m adding) Britney iconically performs Blackout front to back at Rock In Rio in 2007.
  13. If we are talking about alternate universes, I would not have minded if she featured on Black Eyed Peas' songs. I feel like's proper collaborations with Britney fell a bit flat. All those classic BEP songs with Britney's signature vocals would have sounded amazing.
  14. Yeah the basic BEP singles off the last 3-4 years would be great for Britney and a quick hit.
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  15. Bringing up the wedding again, I do think she has a fear/anxiety with professional cameras. The HQ pictures we do have she's not looking at the camera and are mostly candid. I think it's totally understandable and I'm pretty sure she's even posted on Instagram about how much she hated photoshoots and that it felt freeing that she's taking pictures of HERSELF on her own terms
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  16. This did wonders for Shakira. Would love to get something fun like this from Britney and I'm sure she'd love it.
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  17. I’m a Girl Like Me apologist, but I’d really rather not ddd if ever she’d go Black Eyed Peas, I’d rather something more Don’t Lie than I Gotta Feelin.

    I think her some of her eccentric Instagram posts with the horror filters were really her being artsy fartsy. I sometimes see part of the vision and how her instructions would’ve probably been processed by a professional photographer. She knew what she was doing, for example, when she referenced Janet’s Control album cover.
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  18. If she ever comes back to music i hope she will do it solo, at least for the lead.
  19. I'd rather see her team with Giorgio Moroder again. Her version of Tom's Diner is THE version.
  20. I still dislike the use of the vocoder here. The remixes of Tom’s Diner with her more natural unedited vocals sounded so much better (but none of them were as good as the standard version overall). I wish he recorded Charli’s Diamonds with Britney as that is a 10/10 song.
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