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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Giorgio's 2019 remix was fun too.

    I wish the original production had her vocals on a bridge (because whoever is singing the bridge in 2019 isn't her) but, it's a fun rework.

    And the fact we never got the 'rumored' video they were going to shoot at the actual Tom's Restaurant/Diner in NYC.... ugh.
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  2. Oh wow I had completely forgotten about this.
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  3. She’s back.

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  4. She looks amazing.

    I swear she’s ageing in reverse.

    God is a woman named Britney Jean Spears.
  5. Loving the shorter hair.

    Also can’t wait to see her new dancing spot in the new house!

  6. 1 year since Britney’s testimony. So proud of her. It’s amazing to see how things changed after that moment.
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  7. Her greatest hit.

    It's mind blowing to think of the turn of events since then. She's achieved what was very nearly impossible, and she's made some big enemies because of it (her family and also BAnon freaks). What a fucking woman.
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  8. I can't believe that a) it's been a year since the glorious day of her testimony and b) we'll never see the iconic (albeit with evil energy) living room again.
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  9. This was such a moment, to finally be able to hear directly from herself and put all the rumours and speculation to rest. I’m so proud of her
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  10. She really woke up that day and said "I'm really going to steal the thunder from that somewhat girl @Monado's birthday"
  11. My heart is just so happy for her.
  12. When is the hammer going to fall on Lou?
  13. Random question - I fell in love with collecting fragrances over quarantine, and as a lifelong Brit fanatic am ashamed to admit I don’t own, nor have I ever even sampled, any of her scents (shame!). It’s high time I add one to the collection, do any of y’all have a favorite or think there’s one that is legitimately nice/wearable? Scent isn’t really gendered to me however I don’t tend to favor highly floral fragrances. Thanks X
  14. Radiance is my favourite if you can find it anywhere

    EDIT: oh wait, it’s quite floral though. Believe is more fruity and is also really good
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  15. I haven't smelled any of her perfumes in the last decade or more, but back in the day Curious and Believe were the best. Curious is a bit candy smelling, but it's nice.

    I always thought it was funny Fantasy became her major one, because Curious was so much better. Fantasy just smells like cupcakes. But her perfumes were marketed at young girls and I guess smelling like a cupcake is age appropriate for that market.
  16. Believe (citrus)
    Private Show (coffee)

    These are the most neutral ones.
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  17. Curious smells like pure magnolia blossoms (it's strong, but lovely).

    All the Fantasies smell like various degrees of "drunk in Vegas at 3am" (i.e., sweaty cotton candy). Avoid.
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  18. I've lost count of the number of times I've been out with a friend and we've passed someone wearing it. "They're wearing Britney." It's so easily recognisable.
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  19. Midnight Fantasy is a favourite among my friends.

    I also quite liked My Prerogative but that is quite floral.
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