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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. …did you listen?!? It’s hardly artsy fartsy rock. It’s a tropic-dancey version. In fact, it wouldn’t sound out of place in between “Breathe on Me” & “Just Like Me,” I don’t think.

    Anyway, I just don’t want her recording fourteen new “Passengers.”
  2. Would have been nice if she’d recorded that at least once.
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  3. The way Britney Jean has the most intriguing lyrics here and seems to hint at a great album….
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  4. Haven’t seen it mentioned here yet but according to People there’s pretty much no chance of Britney resuming her career in the near or distant future. She won’t rule it out 100% but it seems highly unlikely.

    Happy for her! She shouldn’t do anything she doesn’t wanna do. She deserves nothing but the best.

    Naturally we’ll always long for more music, so let’s weep while listening to Brit’s ultimate song about longing for something that can never be:

  5. Link? Not doubting you, just curious how they worded it.
  6. Apparently in People Magazine but not seen it posted by them yet, just a fan account quoting it without any evidence...

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  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    As she should. Every second she gets to reclaim the life that was stolen from her brings such a smile to my face. She's deserved her own life for so long.
  8. Whatever she wants is all that matters. I really wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t want anything to do with this industry again.

    No doubt there are lots of good times to reflect on. But the bad things done to her were so dark, inhumane, and shocking. It’s still so horrifying to think about.
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  9. I think if any of us were forced to do work we really hadn't wanted to do for such a long time and then finally had the opportunity to not have to work at all.....we'd take it, right?

    Let her be happy, enjoy being married, have another kid etc. She deserves to be free, be happy and be left alone. She's given everything she can as a popstar. I honestly think everyone just wants her to be happy now.

    We know she's got a book coming, I wonder if she promote it and do interviews or just let it speak for itself?
  10. I imagine she will do some promo for the book, at least one "tell all" interview (Oprah? maybe Drew Barrymore since they seem to be close?)

    I'm not surprised she's not returning to her career, she hardly mentioned anything about music or performing on her socials in all this time and hasn't even moved to get new representation. I can't pretend I'm not disappointed since no one hits quite like Britney for me but she gave us 20 solid years and I fully support her in taking time to live life and enjoy her husband after having all that time stolen from her.
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  11. Yeah I am not surprised, since her doing music and all of that is the last thing she wants to do after being forced to do it for nearly 14 years against her will.

    The book and anything else with it will be a bonus, but most importantly she is just finally able to just live her life for once.

    I am sure music will come back (hoping) at some point, but at least we still have her Instagram for being herself!
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  12. Of course!

    It’s here (near the end of the article):

    The exact quote is: "Britney has no desire right now to have a career," the source says. "She is not opposed to working in the future, but right now, she just wants to enjoy her life."
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  13. There's a mash-up of Toxic and Viva Las Vegas in the Elvis movie that doesn't appear to be on the soundtrack. It's played during a "Vegas years" montage.. thought it was a pretty cool nod to Britney (and quite a layered one).
  14. Me
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  15. It's great that Britney's music gets used, but I wish they would use other songs by her besides Toxic.

    Gimme More would have been a better choice since that was her aesthetic for the MTV VMAs that year she debuted that song.
  16. To be fair, she'll have to launch the book somehow later this year and that will include at least an interview and photoshoot, I'd assume. She will probably try for another baby soon and will want to have as much down time as possible. We will always be there for her, but right now she deserves to live her dream life to the fullest.
  17. I do think you’re stating it the correct way “an interview and photoshoot”. I’ve had a hunch for a while now that there will be one massive televised prime-time interview (potentially split into two parts) and one photoshoot for the book cover. Wouldn’t be surprised if the photoshoot and the interview both take place inside her new home. Just to make sure she’s fully comfortable with it.
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  18. Yeah I'd imagine the book tour is going to be one major televised interview and then one major magazine shoot, and that's it. The book will sell itself.
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  19. The clock is ticking for Lou Taylor. There's new evidence of her being the brains behind the conservatorship.


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