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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Ok but we need the judge to force Jamie and Loucifer to attend court as right now they're refusing to cooperate.
  2. The most shocking thing to me is that she built her entire company on Brit's back and yet her A-list clients continue to employ her services even after everything that's come out.
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  3. That truly is a shock.

    Especially when you factor the actual fraud into it, you have to imagine that these clients might get an inkling that they’re probably also getting scammed themselves.
  4. I do wonder if that is another reason she is (rightly) resentful towards the industry. Seeing a bunch of her peers employ the same company that exploited her for over a decade.
  5. Doesn’t Miley also still hire Black Box Security even in spite of the shit that came out about them? It makes it even stranger then that she was such a vocal supporter of FreeBritney.

    I don’t get it.
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  6. Yes and no. We have to remember celebrities are usually very insular people. It’s a rarity to find someone who’s really plugged into the world around them. It’s why I don’t hold a tight smile and “Wish her the best!” against Christina (even if Britney does!), I wouldn’t expect people to know more beyond very surface level details. It’s a bigger story for other below-the-line people to follow; your attorneys, agents, personal and business managers, assistants, so they learn about this wrongdoing and know how to prevent it again.
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  7. Another day, another Super Bowl 'rumor'.
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  8. I just don’t see her doing Super Bowl in the near future because it’s clear that she doesn’t want to be in the public eye currently. Didn’t her assistant say that she doesn’t want to do interviews and stuff a few days ago?
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  9. If she didn't want to be in the public eye she wouldn't have sold her wedding pictures or be posting on Instagram every 5 seconds. She could mostly avoid the spotlight if she wanted to - the conversation around the conservatorship has mostly quieted down, she doesn't have insane paparazzi attention anymore, and she hasn't had an active career in nearly half a decade. She is like all celebrities - when she says she wants privacy what she means is she wants attention on her terms.
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  10. Would ThePopTingz lie???
  11. Iggy stans wilding
  12. I would love that but I think any music related stuff is the last thing on Britney's mind.

    She is just enjoying life, working through her issues and focus on the book at the same time.
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  13. I just can't imagine Britney putting herself in such a pressure cooker situation like the Superbowl halftime show ever again. If she does anything related to showbusiness ever again, it will be low stress, on her own terms and under her complete control.
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  14. If Britney would ever plan anything again, it would a 13 minute residency at the LA House of Blues and she only plays on days that she feels like it and the bartender has her favorite flavor of Fanta in stock.

    It will be iconic.
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  15. SuperBowl is not a good idea for now.
  16. This is more likely.
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  17. Britney, Madonna and Iggy Azalea doing Super Bowl 2023 sounds like it came straight out of a Brazilian stan's imagination.
  18. Which would be fair considering Britney’s entire wedding sounds like it came straight out of a Brazilian stan’s imagination.
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  19. With all the love and respect for Britney I… don’t think Superbowl would book her at the moment.

    (Wasn’t she put in the running and given a ‘no’ during Glory or was that just SNL?)
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