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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Not Paris confirming the song before Britney or Elton themselves ddd
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  2. I guess they are hyping it to people, good strategy.

    Yeah need Britney and Elton to announce the date for it to follow it through.
  3. It’s sounding to be a Cold Heart redux, isn’t it? I like the song, but I feel like that sound has been so overplayed.
  4. They need to get it played in some club and snippets go viral
  5. Could this be the smash Tom's Diner deserved to be?
  6. The girl who allegedly hear it at the airport compared it to Till the World Ends, but she's also more of a local and not really a Britney fan, so take that with a grain of salt.
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  7. If they're really gonna release this in August, the later the better really. They need to let Beyoncé fever die down a bit, plus Cold Heart is nominated for a few VMAs at the end of the month, a joint red carpet from Britney and Elton would be a great moment and if there is any place that would be a full circle homecoming it's the VMAs.

    I feel that is a realistic possibility, as long as people get any hopes of a performance out their head...I think we are gonna be waiting a long time for that.
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  8. This is giving flashbacks to when Bradley Stern said Clumsy was the next Till The World Ends.
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  9. Electric chair for that comparison.
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  10. So everyone has heard the song…but us!?
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  11. Or they have been told to hype it up at least!
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  12. Ok, hype is building, but when do we get enter the "Brazilian twink singing a snippet of the song acapella" phase of the pre-release era?
  13. I know this has been said before, but it really does feel surreal to be discussing an upcoming track after everything that’s happened over the past three years. If there’s one thing Britney is gonna do is surprise everyone.
  14. That Make Me acapella was just genius, shame I can't locate it anymore.
  15. If Paris is going to do one thing it's leech on Britney for some press.
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  16. My pop culture avoidant aunt who is in her 50s said "Wow I just heard that Britney is doing a song with Elton John! Are you excited", so, this strategy is definitely working
  17. The rumor was August 19th, and everything else has turned out to be true, so that may be too. In terms of waiting on Beyonce's hype to die down... her album isn't really doing more than any other major record. Most of the tracks have already exited the top 10 on Spotify and the first week projections are solid but not earth-shattering, certainly not something that people need to move releases around for weeks to come. There are big releases from Drake and Nicki Minaj coming over the next two weeks, so the 19th is probably Brit's best bet to hold attention. But this will be big off of Britney's name alone, at least initially.
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  18. Paris and Ibiza? Miss Worldwide!
  19. You got that from…?
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  20. Here for mother to drop "Swanky Suited up Bitches", an 8-minute long drag of Robin Greenhill and Lou Taylor as the first single
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