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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I was a bit worried on how she would react to this, but her responses have been spot on.

    What is the Big Booty video she's referring to? Is that the JLo one?
  2. This is a really frightening development as it's like Kevin and the Spears family know that dragging the kids into the fight is (completely understandably) highly triggering for Britney.
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  3. They're just doing what Britney has said they have done/will continue to do. Do interviews based on her and continue to exploit her.

    That book must be scathing. It's like watching cockroaches scatter when the lights are turned on. Continue to do you, Brit. They don't matter.
  4. TR


    Him being very supportive of Jamie kinda shows that they are all in on it.
  5. Just when you think people couldn't steep any lower and then people show you they really can.

    Sure get more money but at what cost and morals will that cost you? Scum.

    I really hope her kids will side with Britney, as I am sure Britney played a long I the conservatorship for the sake of her kids.
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  6. Another reason I hope she gets to make another family for herself. Hopefully her kids will learn the truth and be on her side but they’ve grown up with K Fed and the machine so there’s no telling what they know/believe.
  7. I wish people would just let her live, very disappointing for Kevin to come for her when she’s rebuilding her life. Really shows his character.

    Also the JLo shade ddd. But she’s not wrong!
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  8. Let her be for once and stop cash in on her name.

    Must be super hard to be Britney, a pure and kind heart, and to be attacked by all camps: media, family, exes. This women is so strong. Respect.
  9. Also, the absolutely hypocrisy of saying that he’s “always shielded the boys from the press” while simultaneously doing an interview where he’s putting them in from of a camera himself. No words.
  10. I think Sam had a great point, Kevin's money is going to cut in half next month, and is going to be zero in thirteen months. I feel they have been span a tale from their father, with his loyalty to Jamie being of great concern - of course teenage boys will be a bit embarrassed by those photos, they're teenage boys, but that doesn't mean they're inappropriate. It's all about how their network around them act, and if Kevin and Victoria are also mocking and scoffing, that's only going to rile the boys up more.

    This is a really really sad situation that should have been kept behind closed doors, I cannot see any reason why this interview took place.
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  11. Washed up Kevin Federline is a cunt. Always has been.
  12. So true, but might have to adjust that word for this forum.
  13. Britney and Sam have both unfollowed Vicky T. Wonder what’s going on there!
  14. Vicky also unfollowed Britney and Sam.
  15. Maybe because Vicky teased the Elton song?
  16. He did nothing of the sort. Hold Me (Closer) feat. Elton John is still on.

    That soap scum shall remain irrelevanT.
  17. The fact that Kevin is defending Jamie over Britney even after the incident with his child… Worms.
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  18. I guess we'll see just how much interest Kevin has in the boys' lives once they are no longer a direct source of income for him to sustain the B-grade Vanilla Ice/Kid Rock lifestyle he leads. He doesn't strike me as the type that would have been responsibly investing all this time. The boys will likely need their mom to fund their education and future endeavors.
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  19. I don’t think she’s shading J-Lo, I think she’s referring to the time when Kevin decided it would be a good idea to start a recording artist career, started making songs inspired by Brazilian funk and released the “Popozão” song, which in Portuguese means “big booty”. I think that’s what she’s talking about.
  20. September 2023 is when Sean Preston will turn 18, so Kevin still has over a year, but he certainly seems to be wasting no time gearing up for that! Wouldn't it be something if he were trying to find employment instead.
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