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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I can't imagine how exhausting it must be for Britney to wake up and almost every day feel she has to 'clear her name' because another leech from the Spears/Federline clan is debating her motherhood, sanity or rights as a woman.

    She's so strong but I don't know how much more people expect her to take.
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  2. My heart breaks for her. She literally gave everything for those kids, including her freedom since I'm certain they used them as leverage to get her to comply with things she wouldn't otherwise do and to feel that her kids don't actually care about her... so sad. I truly hope her sons can see how much she's done for them but teens can be so cruel and selfish at that age...
  3. Poor Britney. I just want to give her a hug and be her friend.
  4. Sam put it really well, but I do hope once the kids get more distance from the Federline household, they’ll realize how much their Mom has sacrificed for them.
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  5. I really wonder how anyone can't say 'Are you crazy? The whole world knows how much your mother suffered for you, now go away!' to their kids. Like anyone: their friends, people at school, just someone to shake them. It's just crazy.

    By the way I am sure Britney thinks they are old enough to put things in perspective so she feels like she did her best and now it's up to them.
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  6. Her kids were raised by K-Fed so they might be awful, I think people are a bit scared to say that sometimes that’s how it plays out.

    I hope they see the light.
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  7. All of this is a product of the conservatorship. All of it.

    It's genuinely heartbreaking.
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  8. I really hope Britney has a solid support system (as well as Sam!) around her.
  9. Let’s be honest, the most influential figures throughout her children’s lives have been Jamie and Kevin. That’s never going to end well.

    Britney has been forcibly alienated from her children and robbed of being the mother to them she clearly was desperate to be.

    These people, her team and her family, are not humans. They are monsters. The suffering they have inflicted upon this woman, all for their own gain and greed, is truly repulsive.
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  10. Fuck. Can we not... call her kids awful? They're teenagers. And they've grown up in a wildly confusing and chaotic situation. None of us can even pretend to relate to what they've gone through. It's sad that any of this has been mad public, and I feel AWFUL for Britney. But let's maybe scale it back a bit?
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  11. I was gonna say, I was an absolute nightmare of a teen and my parents are pretty nice folks. Leave the kids out of it.
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  12. She really has such beautifully insightful thoughts, what a heartbreaking post.

    You can really see everything so clearly by the picture she paints here, and how much she is trying to remain in a healthy place despite the pain shes still in.
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  13. All of this is so fucked up, I feel so sorry for her, it must be infuriating sometimes, all these years in the conservatorship and the only thing that really matters for her is the boys. But you know, time will tell.
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  14. "Kevin is not the only interviewee"

    I wonder does this mean the kids will be speaking?

    Why do I feel like this is K Fed's attempt to get them famous and onto the "influencer" train earning money before his child support ends... not to mention an attempt to restart his own "music career".
    I bet he never, ever thought the conservatorship would end. I'd say he thought he could tap Jamie for cash for eternity.
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  15. They're interviewing Lynne too I'm pretty sure. Good luck to them. It'll go as "well" as the Jamie Lynn interviews did, except that not as many people will care.
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  16. She has such a pure and honest heart. I really hope she can find peace soon, this woman doesn’t deserve anything of what was done to her.
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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I'm on the verge of deleting someone on FB that kept saying that Britney "clearly can't be sane" with how she posts on Instagram and how her children should and need to be embarrassed of her since she's "not mentally well". Mind you this is coming from another social worker, a woman, someone that deals with a physical disability, and who has documented her own desire to have children despite her own struggles. To see how many people try to diagnose people from afar, especially other women with their own challenges really sets me in a place of irritation.

    We are taught as people, and especially as people that elect to take care and provide space for others, to meet them where they are and to lead by a sense of discernment - not judgment. I went back to read our conversation under her post and realize she had deleted my comments about practicing compassion that were contrasted with her calling Britney "a nutcase". It really made me think twice about her and how beyond the working day and her professional "role", much of her judgment falls into the stereotypical Midwest narrow-mindedness. And the saddest part is knowing that she thinks her judgment is infallible and can't be contested.

    Irritated beyond belief
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  18. Don't think twice, just let it go, delete her
  19. Oh God. Kevin has released private videos of Britney shouting at the kids on his Instagram.
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