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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. She has noticeably avoided discussing Kevin and her kids for the most part in all of this, then when Federline chose to reveal their issues in a public interview and she responds, it’s suddenly an issue? People loved it when they could make money off her being sexy, but when she does it for herself, certain people hate it. People loved it when they could talk about her personal life without her input, but when she does it herself, certain people hate it. Until now, it’s still all about certain people’s need to control her.
  2. I don’t understand what he thinks the videos will do? All I see is a mother trying to look after her children, asking her kids to respect her because no one else in her life does. And if these were filmed when the kids were 11/12 then that was during peak Conservatorship time.
  3. The last video is actually endearing? Yess, explain the nuances of ice skating vs. rollerskating to me mother!
  4. This is getting messy. Kevin needs to leave Britney alone. Money sucking slob.
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  5. The way she says over and over “because I care!”

    If anything, it shows us what she’s said the whole time? That she cares.

    This isn’t going to make people side with you Kevin, you are so dumb.
  6. He’s just proving what a good and responsible parent Britney is.
  7. I actually think the videos show Britney in an even better light if that’s possible. The kids are being teens and Britney is parenting. Maybe Kevin was shocked because he doesn’t possess the skills.
  8. I imagine he has the kids completely riled up and has them believing that their mother should never speak to them in that way.

    As a growing teen, who are you going to side with more? The parent who gives you rules and boundaries and asks for respect? Or the one who lets you do what you want and tells you that the other parent is wrong?
  9. Cute or not, it’s revolting Kevin posted videos of moments like those that were supposed to be private.
  10. Britney needs to sue him into oblivion. Audit every single dollar of hers he has ever spent. Ruin him.
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  11. What the actual fuck is wrong with Kevin, like why did he feel the need to post those (which don't even show anything abnormal)? It's another invasion of her privacy. And even if the sons agreed to it, I'm sorry but they're minors and it's shitty of him to continue involving them publicly like this.

    It's funny how those videos show her being completely coherent and being a concerned parent in the peak of the conservatorship, which further proves the point of people like him being leeches.
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  12. All this does is prove her point. I was concerned when I read he released videos of her, but if this is the worst he has? She doesn't even come off bad in the videos! Maybe she shouldn't say fuck? Or maybe it doesn't matter if she says fuck. That's ridiculous.
  13. The whole family is delusional and depraved. That poor woman having to constantly deal with being betrayed by the ones she should be able to trust.
  14. If the worst thing she has done is take her teenagers phone away because they were barefoot in public then I think it just proves her own point. It's not really anyone's place to judge her parenting anyway unless she was downright abusive to the children, and that clearly is far from the truth if these videos are the worst they have.

    Maybe the Spears and the Federlines should focus on the fact that it was a mere few years ago that Kevin took a restraining order out on Jamie for a physical altercation with his teenage grandson.
  15. There’s literally nothing in those videos that isn’t an ordinary parent and child relationship. Not sure what Kevin’s goal was here beyond hurting Britney by showing her that the kids have secretly recorded their interactions with her. It’s coming off more like a threat to shut her up by saying this is supposedly not the worst of it.
  16. I don’t agree with the way she goes about things but the blatant lack of respect everyone in her life has for her despite her bankrolling all of their existences is really sad. She would never have said a word about Kevin and the kids if he hadn’t baited her. But I also hate that she’s so easily baited.
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  17. These videos are edited to make it seem like she’s yelling at them for no good reason when you know damn well teenage boys will do anything to get a reaction from their mom. (I know, I was one.)

    If you think about all the bullshit she was putting up with at the time with the conservatorship she actually sounds calm and collected, especially in the last video.
  18. Also him using the Johnny Depp Never Fear Truth hashtag? He wants his moment so bad…
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  19. Nn if Kevin really thinks that those videos are bad, I'd hate for him to have heard basically any argument I had with my parents as a teenager. Those videos just feel extremely...typical for parent/child disagreements. Teenagers need to be told to shut the fuck up sometimes!
  20. I wish my mom talked to me like that when she was mad at me nn.
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