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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Kevin's wife just posted an insta story. I can't believe they posted these with their full chest thinking it would look good on them....if anything, this is showing that they don't know how to discipline kids if they can't recognize a very tame example of it.

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  2. Everything about this is so transparent too, and I hope the right people realize that.
  3. The other thing that concerns me is like... were the kids "trained" to record her? Regardless of if they were put up to it or did it themselves... the fact that Kevin kept these (tame) videos in his possession to use for the future... Scumbag.
  4. I really just want her lawyer to shut all this nonsense down. If the videos prove anything at all, it's that she's a caring mother who wants the best for her children.
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  5. !!
    He 100% has tried to turn these kids against her, because they probably complain to him that they're actually being disciplined when they're with her. Shocker.
  6. Kevin is just poking the bear. Beware!

    Britney can single-handedly leave him on the street with no money to pay his other 10 kid’s child support
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  7. This is all so gross and sad. Why can't this poor woman have a fucking moment of peace? It's like everyone in her life is determined to take more and more from her and continously try to hurt and humiliate her. Kevin is absolute scum, there's just no reason for this. I feel awful for her.
  8. This is… diabolical.

    Posting the videos, wanting to expose and embarrass the mother of your children, poisoning your children against their mother, raising your children to see their mother as a checking account instead of a person of value… it’s evil.

    Britney will have her day in the sun, that’s the only thing I know right now.
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  9. Fucking asshole! But seriously, why would kevin federline post those clips of Britney like does he think it’s 2008 and Britney’s lawyer won’t do anything or???????
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  10. Oh I can’t wait for Mathew to eat him up
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  11. I thought people were kidding when they said that videos of Britney with her kids were posted by their father. How disgusting. I'm not sure how those videos are supposed to paint her in a bad light.

    All I learned from those videos is that, in Britney's opinion, roller skating is harder than ice skating...
  12. What can Matthew do? Particularly when his client can’t stop herself from getting on social media and responding every day. It’s hard to deliver cease and desist letters when your own client won’t. If she wants the upper hand she has to play different cards. She can’t be as reactionary.
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  13. Oh we're really back here again. Britney is a bad mom, Britney is crazy, look at how unhinged she is. He's really banking on that narrative catching wind isn't he. I love how one of the videos is just... a minute long sweet video of Britney talking about ice skating. What a scumbag.
  14. Is it not illegal to record someone without their consent in California? Not to mention actually releasing the footage online… I’m sure he’ll absolutely have something to say about it.
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  15. Expecting Britney to stay silent is so weird to me. She's been kept silent for literally 13 years. I don't love everything she says or all her reactions, but that's what freedom looks like. She finally has her autonomy back, and if she wants to call out the men who have abused her for over a decade, then I'm happy she's doing it, even if it looks messy sometimes.
  16. California is a “two-party consent” state. This makes it illegal to record a private conversation unless all parties consent to the recording. A violation of this law is a criminal misdemeanor.
  17. Exactly. She's not always going to get it right, and it'll look messy sometimes, but l can't even imagine what it must be like to endure the bullshit she went through for so long and have to stay silent during all of it. She wants people to know what she went through and for the people involved to be held accountable. Kevin baiting her like this is just proving the point.
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  18. I... don't see the problem in the videos?

    Plus, to be fair, if the boys are siding with Kevin then it would honestly make sense. Growing up my mum was the strict one, so naturally I saw my dad as the 'cool parent' during those years, because my mum wouldn't put up with my teenage bullshit.
  19. God I hate them.

    And I honestly I feel so sad for the kids. They've probably been manipulated, poisoned, hurt and turned against their own mom by probably everyone around them. Potentially convinced that she's some super strict mother with mental health problems that they should avoid as much as possible. I sincerely hope they come to realize how much trauma their mom endured as well as the ways they were manipulated since childhood, but that will probably take a lot of time, space and probably therapy.
    Genuinely hope they all go broke and rot (and die low-key) for continuously trying to break Britney and separating the boys from their mom.
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  20. The fact he has a single post on Instagram and it's just those ancient blurry clips. Surely he had this planned from the beginning? Jesus Christ, he's really the scum of the earth. This is the death rattle of a man who knows the money's drying up soon and his Hollywood redneck lifestyle is almost over.
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