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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. It’s just such a transparent move to try and ruin her so she can’t succeed without them all. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but the timing of it all when Jamie is due to be deposed tomorrow, Britney has a new song coming out and some serious media and industry hype behind her… she dared leave her abuse and the abuse keeps coming.

    She’s been steadfast in keeping a line between everything going on and talking about Kevin and the boys, and now he’s cashing in on their relationship and trying to portray her as a bad mother? When the sad thing is did she ever really get a chance to be a mother when for their entire lives she’s been told what to do, where to go, when she can see them and what she can do. They’ve had monitored visits since before their tween years? Frankly it’s no wonder her kids have a skewed view.

    I know we don’t know it all, and there could be more to it, but I truly cannot believe Kevin etc truly think it’s okay to post that kind of video. When children are raised in an environment where someone is disrespected it’s hard to expect them to form an alternative view. She’s also been on medication she claims she didn’t need, and they expect her to not fluctuate? The last video for me seems like a typical teen/parent interaction, she punished them and tried to diffuse the tension by talking about something they might be interested in? Sad.
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  2. I just feel… sad. This is just so heartbreaking to watch this now play out in the public arena and after her last few years too. The absolute nerve of Kevin to post those videos (even though I don’t think they make Britney look bad at all)

    Let’s be real, Kevin is and always has been a huge a-hole. Get a job - imagine an ex husband still mooching from you almost 20 years on what a loser.

    I just wish peace for Britney, can they seriously not see what they’re doing? Man, money has completely ripped apart this family. They see Britney as a bank, not a person.

    She must be so upset right now and that’s all I’m really bothered about, I really feel for her.
  3. You can just mute her, so you don't see her posts but are still "friends" on Facebook.
  4. I watched the videos and they seemed pretty universal angry mom/son interraction to me. And apparently they don't even show what made Britney angry at the first place. If it did there is a high chance we could find her anger right, too.

    They must on fire because of the lawsuits and book. If this is all they have good luck to them.
  5. Are those videos really the best that KFed can do?
    She seems like a totally normal and competent mother?
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  6. My mom is a literal angel and there's been moments even she has spoken worse to me and my sister while we were bratty teens. That is supposed to be incriminating? I am sick to my stomach that the Federline's have resorted to posting private videos to try and incriminate Britney for responding to them publicly speaking out about her in the first place for a paycheck. These people are truly soulless, manipulative leeches.
  7. Those videos are a gross invasion of privacy.

    What the hell are they even supposed to show that’s so awful? A mother disciplining her kids for being disrespectful when she simply wants to put lotion on their faces? A mother taking her son’s phone away for acting out (apparently refusing to wear shoes outside in cold weather)?

    Nothing of this is out of the ordinary. It’s textbook “parenting difficult teenagers”.
  8. What...what does he think those videos prove? Because it's certainly not that Britney is a bad or incompetent mother.
  9. Well this is going to backfire on them spectacularly. They really are flapping with no clue.
  10. Ask any Asian kid and they'd tell you how their moms would whoop your ass the second you use a tone with them. The backfiring of posting these videos I cant dd
  11. Kevin really thought he did something with these videos…yeah, he did alright. He once again exposed himself for the spineless, parasitic trash that he is. What exactly are we meant to be seeing in these videos? A mother…giving out to her children? Okay….

    Clearly Britney putting an end to the conservatorship has rattled a few cages, and with Kevin’s main income set to dry up in the near future, he must feel a bit under pressure to get some attention. However, seemingly like Britney’s entire family, he’s about as good at gauging public mood as he is at holding employment.
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  12. In his eyes, it proves that she is, because he thinks a parent should just be a "yes man" to their kids. Obviously, that's completely inaccurate, but it does prove that he has a terrible view of parenting, and it says a lot more about him as a parent than Britney.
  13. I'm so fucking furious
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  14. I expected the hardships wouldn't end post-conservatorship but it's still infuriating to see these rats continuously throwing pathetic, dehumanizing shots at her. I honestly don't know how much more she can take... I hope she keeps herself well and lets those equipped enough to take care of this legally.

    What Wendy said.
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  15. She sounded like every frustrated mother around the world when the brats are misbehaving. All this does is prove even her kids were told to record her at any opportunity.
  16. Oh wow, imagine thinking those videos are hurtful to Britney in any way….
    She’s literally just being a mother to those kids! Teenagers are the worst at the best of times! The shit my siblings and my parents used to argue about, and still do haha, would blow these idiots away! Kevin is obviously desperate at this point, the money is drying up and he knows no one is on his side.
  17. of course and we know from her kid's Insta live that one time they are very money-hungry like their father, so they've likely been promised $$$$ for the compliance.
  18. I'm just so exhausted of these leeches constantly popping up. What does he even want? What is his justification for doing all this (other than money and trying to defend Jamie for some reason)? This is exhausting.
  19. I don't even know where to begin... Whatever Kevin tried to prove with these videos he miserably failed at! Shame on him though for even sharing it in the first place. The saddest thing about it to me is that it is further proof that everybody around Britney did her dirty and completely disrespected her, even her own sons. They were surely put up to this by their father (and the rest of team con), but that doesn't change the fact that it must hurt terribly for Britney to know that the people you love the most have been brainwashed and pitted against you. I'm also convinced that they've used these kind of videos against her a dozen times in the past to make her play along...

    Seriously, when she said that we don't even know half the story yet she was not kidding... because every new detail we hear that happened during the conservatorship is just mind-blowing to me and falls completely under human torture in my opinion! And she's right, she will never repair the trauma she occurred during that time. Nobody would!
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  20. Britney is doing absolutely nothing wrong in these videos. She's giving teenage boys some discipline which sounds like it's much needed. Kevin obviously lets them do whatever they want and they sit there recording Britney when she has the nerve to say no to them, why?
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