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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The only logical reason why the team behind The Asshole (because I’m sure he’s not doing this on his own) posted those videos with the intent described in the caption is the swearing? And that’s nothing in this day and age for teenagers. This is becoming almost parody like in its useless ex-husband trope storyline.
  2. I love how it's backfiring to the point that media outlets I've seen are choosing not to post the videos out of respect to Britney's privacy. I know that's right.
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  3. The videos just show… parenting? She can’t even stay mad at them for more than a minute, the whole ice skating bit is actually heartbreakingly endearing. I hope she’s okay. This is so invasive and evil.
  4. I'm reading the comments on the Daily Mail, since the commenters there tend to lean towards being misogynistic, conservative, anti-immigration, etc.
    And again, the best-rated comments are all saying the same things we are! He can't even convince them.

    Yeah, no doubt he'll pay some child expert to come out and say that Britney saying the word "fuck" now and again is deeply damaging to the children, how awful, etc etc. He seems like the type of parent who prides himself on never saying no and being a friend rather than a parent. When Jayden did his Instagram live, he described him as "the best dad ever" and "literally Jesus".
  5. This is all so sad.

    Why can't I live my life
    Without all of the things that people say?

    Everybody's talking all this stuff about me
    Why don't they just let me live?

    And also:

    Someday I will understand in God's own plan
    And what he's done to me

    They say karma is a bitch but some people need to be punished soon. They just can't get away with this.
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  6. I am listening to 'Glory' to heal (and get ready for the new single).
  7. This is just… disgusting. It doesn’t even matter that it is backfiring on him, the absolutely foul intent of this whole thing makes my stomach turn. Using her kids against her, Britney potentially finding out they used to film her secretly (and everything that implies), the “and this is not even the worst! stay tuned!!1!” bait as if we were watching Doctor Phil… On top of him being the father of the kids and a leech that’s been living off of Britney for years. This is vicarious gender violence.
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  8. Some comments about her kids have gotten a bit much, but them recording her lectures to potentially get her in trouble either with the public or “with Robin” is weird behavior. I just hope a good influence comes into their lives eventually to have them unlearn what they have obviously grown up seeing from both the Federlines and Spears families.
  9. Yeah this is gross. No need to post (or take) these videos at all.
  10. Kevin and his wife are gross. Full stop.

    Their game plan here is so obvious and sick… it’s honestly disgusting. I feel sorry for the boys and honestly all the kids in this family. It’s all just so… gross. I genuinely hope Britney is happy and knows that these people are in the rear view mirror and that she has done NOTHING to deserve this.
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  11. This woman needs to stfu and mind her own business.

    Delete her, she sounds exhausting.
  12. Okay but the first video made me tense because the mom energy was real in that one. I felt like I was the one being yelled at dddd.
    It makes my blood boil that Britney didn't just get to raise them on her own. Poor Britney, the boys and any of the other Spears kids. God I hate this family.
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  13. Do note that this was in 2013.
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  14. I never wanted her kids involved, this is so sad. She was always impeccably careful not to mention them during any of this and now she’s been baited into defending herself. We know how these things can escalate so I really hope her kids aren’t interviewed or say something negative on social media.

    None of us are in any position to comment on how she is as a mother, but it’s reasonable to assume that mental health issues and years of abuse will take its toll on a person’s ability to look after themselves and others. I hate this narrative that if a woman is struggling, she should have her kids taken away from her. She has shown nothing but love for those boys, and she is entitled to additional support if she needs it. Sadly, it seems that support was never in place, particularly in later years of the conservatorship. Instead, past mistakes were permanently held against her which would have undoubtedly undermined the trust in her abilities as a mother for those around her (which may include her children).

    The worst part is that this all seems an attempt to make her back down on the legal front whilst also serving as a cash grab. Is there no limit to how low these people will sink?
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  15. I can't bring myself to watch what he's posted, I don't want to give him one more view. The best I can hope is the internet and TV spin this mess as 'ex husband leech drags up past', and not Britney's so called erratic mental health. Is there meant to be a full length itv news interview coming? Not watching that.
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  16. Same with comments on The Shade Room, all in favor of Britney.
  17. Ugh this is just dirty play from him. This really should have been kept private. Regardless what Kevin or the boys think it’s no one’s business and should be dealt between the two families.
  18. Curious what lies was she even supposedly telling that Kevin is fighting against? Because all she really said in her post was that she loves her boys.
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  19. Kevin must need money. He must be terrified of doing some actual work, earning a wage without draining it all from his ex-wife.
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  20. To me the only disturbing part of the video is that Robin Greenhil was somehow involved in how the kids were raised. I feel like there's more to that woman we don't know.
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