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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I imagine the weed comment probably hit a nerve.
  2. I hope Rosengart steps in and this all is (somehow) taken care of behind the scenes. Watching her get triggered by Kevin is not something we should be witnessing.
  3. And they have thousands of likes. It's bad for him.

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  4. Conspiracy-esque, but I wonder if this all ties into Jamie's upcoming legal issues with surveillance against Britney. Is Jamie/K-Fed trying to plant the seed that them monitoring her without her consent was necessary to ensure she didn't harm the children or something?

    These videos don't prove that in the least, but the motivation and timing is weird, even with the kids nearing 18. Like she's not contesting the custody arrangement and the conservatorship is over.
  5. This is all so sad and so toxic. Federline has always been a complete scumbag but to start weaponizing her kids against her after everything she has had to endure, is just beyond. I’m not sure what those videos are supposed to say or achieve? Sounds like a pretty standard interaction between a parent and child. Is this perpetrated by Jamie? A man who “whooped” his kids asses and assaulted his grandson. Another spectacular misfire for K-Fed who as well as being lazy, talentless and useless is also shown to be completely stupid and lacking in any basic PR savvy.
  6. The way this didn’t even register as a lie to me because there’s definitely a photo taken at his house where there’s a table full of weed just sitting there in the background? Nn. What an idiot.
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  7. Yeah Twitter is all abuzz with people confirming the 19th. Bummer, I wanted it this weekend!!!

    Also, TMZ grain of salt, but..."The best she's ever sounded in her whole career."

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  8. I see Jamie Lynn even follows Kevin on Instagram.. not surprising I guess. They both are just as bad as each other.
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  9. And it's also her most personal song yet.
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  10. “Britney Jean is her Ray of Light!!!!!”
  11. K Fed deleted the videos. Either he got a cease & desist letter or he didn’t get the reaction he wanted. Or both.
  12. This is all just so sad. When can these people just give her a moment peace. She did everything during the conversatship to see her boys and now they have turned them against her. Echoing what everyone has said about the videos all I see is a mother putting her teenage boys back in their place. Ive seen some lovely supportive comments about Britney on some sites and seen some awful ones too. I think even in this day and age of all this talk about be kind online any reality star can sell a story about their "struggle" with anxiety and get praised for being brave but Britney tries to open up on instagram about what shes going through and all the comments are just "Shes crazy" "she needs help again". This woman will always inspire with her strength wherever she finds it from to keep fighting. Anyway back to streaming glory for the day to cleanse K Scum from my energy
  13. I really doubt it's over, though. I'm picturing him combing through hours of videos looking for something that will have a bigger impact. Sorry to be bleak, but who knows who else was recording Britney in weak moments as future defamatory material?

    It's wishful thinking, but it would be lovely if his Instagram account could be suspended for violating the two-party recording consent laws.
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  14. He said he has "worse" videos (probably of her telling the boys to brush their teeth), but why didn’t he release them first, then? It's obvious this is all he has and he's scrambling.
  15. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    The element of it all is that people don't realize that mental health is not only something that can be ever-changing, but it's also very personally based. People may share commonalities in their concerns and impacts with mental health, but to suggest that one person is and should be subject to prior understanding undermines the very basis of how the individual mind works. The literal medical & scientific understanding + legal standing of mental health have changed drastically in both terminology and societal handling in the last century if not more. So for people to hold to such outdated interpretations of it is just... opportunistic. It grinds my gears that people can identify how her experience may share space with other things that they've witnessed, but in the same breath they also discount the very unique factors of her experience as a media darling that then became the victim of paparazzi culture, who had her children ripped from her before a 13-year conservatorship essentially silenced her independent voice. Mental health doesn't look the same for any or everyone. And for people to loudly choose to be the judge & jury without any ground to stand on is a bit too rich tbh.
  16. Do we have any confirmation that she was the writer of the extra verse on Tiny Dancer?
  17. It was such a low-blow releasing those videos and I’m glad that the reaction across the board(s) hasn’t been anything like the Federlines hoped it would be. Karma.

    And I’ll just say that I hope someone reminds her kids that their mother literally gave up her own personal freedom just to have her children close to her for 13 years. If that’s not proof of true love I don’t know what is. It’s a shame that they’ve chosen to idolize the wrong parent of the two.
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  18. No, just that she asked for it
  19. I fucking hate that piece of shit ex-husband of hers. How low and gross to post private videos of Britney simply disciplining her children?? I hope this blows up in his stupid face. Britney deserves a goddamn break.

    Once again, the benefactors of the CON-servatorship fall back on the old bakwaas claim that Britney is 'unstable'. It's tired, factually incorrect and violent lie. I'm so exhuasted for her.
  20. Something good that came from sharing those videos is proof that actually Britney is a good mother in the responsibility side of things, she didn't leave them to fester. She was alert and wanted them safe. Seriously if her scolding her kids for misbehaving is unfit, then there would be no children with their mothers right now.

    This is rats on a sinking ship situation, all that were milking the Britney money cow know shit has and will be hitting the fan big time. Lock them all the fuck up.
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