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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. In my eyes, this is all a big distraction, there is no fathomable reason other than Jamie, whom Kevin has defended in his recent ramblings, is being deposed tomorrow.

    It has been so satisfactory to see that these videos have went down like a led balloon in comparison to how they were intended to be received. I think even the questionable nature of their content, capturing and release has also prevented it from being as widely picked up as they ideally thought out. Kaplan was obviously so triggered at being called out that he decided to hit the nuclear button but all he has done is set the target as themselves.

    I hope Britney does not acknowledge this publicly anymore and let's Rosengart do the speaking on the matter from here on out, especially as I'm sure we will be hearing from him regardless in the coming days anyway. In the mean time I hope they just focus on releasing Hold Me Closer - something it seems the public actually have an interest in, however it saddens me that they're even dampening what should have been a time of her starting to reclaim her career.
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  2. I recall her saying that part of the reason why she accepted the Vegas offer initially was because she could still perform live but be a short flight away from her kids. She didn't want to have to tour and be away from them. And at that time, Vegas was still considered a place for older stars who have already passed their career peak. Britney set the trend, loads of her peers are doing Vegas now.

    So tired of how people treat women who get emotional sometimes. I would have been mad at those kids too. Who hasn't been straightened out by their mom for being cheeky?

    Yep, and I also think they're trying to sabotage her career. There's so much hype around her single with Elton John. She's never collaborated with someone like him before. Bet they can't stand that they won't see a penny from it.
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  3. I’m not surprised that Kevin Federline has been too stoned for the last 18 years to raise his many kids properly.
    But to not even understand the concept of discipline?

    The man’s brain is a puddle!
  4. Brilliant statement.
  5. Rosengart going over K-Fed for cyberbullying litigation? Protect this man at all costs because WOW has she needed him in her corner for so long.
  6. The way he opens that statement up with that scorching read.
  7. I learnt that the higher highs people can reach, the lower lows people can also stoop to. You wouldn't even think all of this could have ever happened to one of the biggest stars in the world. I'm putting on Someday and it just hits me with all emotions.
  8. It's going to be terrible for Kevin from now on. The whole public is on Britney's side and Rosengart is coming for him. I've never seen a "expose" backfire like this, ever. Should've kept it quiet.
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  9. Just a legit question: is there any ounce of feasibility for Britney, as a mom, to file a restraining order against Kevin for herself and the kids? Or must she go through a lengthy process of proving the guy is a bad influence on them and is a potential threat to her wellbeing?
  10. Probably not. I think the kids are also old enough to decide if they want to see her and make those kinds of choices legally, and they’d probably resent her if she kept them away from their father.
  11. He (or Instagram) deleted the post.
  12. I'm so glad this has backfired. I don't think I could face still living in a world where this would be weaponised against her. It's probably a shock to her too as she's been so vilified by the media over the years, I'm glad in this shit show of a world that there has been some cultural progression.
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  13. The way every single one of these leeches is finally learning that actions have consequences and Britney is not alone anymore.

    Matthew is not Sam Ingham.
  14. I completely forgot about her old rat of a lawyer.
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  15. What a rat.

    Also, how random they used I Run Away in the background! Suddenly I stopped cringing and started to smile.
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  16. Gross. That dramatic string cover of “Toxic” during it made me cackle though.
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  17. This woman has been put through the fucking ringer. How she copes.... bless her.
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  18. I haven't followed every twist and turn of this whole thing, but aren't the kids in his custody? Exactly WHAT was he hoping to get out of releasing these perfectly innocent clips? What is his goal?

    Worms for brains. I hate it all and am so glad it seems the majority are reacting the same way we are in this thread.
  19. That statement was great. It’s SO good Britney has strong legal counsel on her side. It really seems like he cares deeply for Britney and her well-being which is amazing.

    I can’t wait for Rosengart to fucking destroy K-Fed. We love to see it!
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