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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I beg of you girls not to click on any video that includes a Kevin interview. Let every publication know that the world doesn't give a fuck what he has to say.
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  2. Rosengart adding Kevin’s scalp to his collection…the man doesn’t tire!
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  3. This dude left Shar Jackson for Britney when she was 6 months pregnant and already mother to their toddler. (K Fed, sweetie, some of us have long memories). He never paid Shar child support, she refused to ask him for it because she just wanted him to spend time with the children. He was galavanting all over the world with Britney while Shar was heavily pregnant and he wants to talk about causing others pain?

    If another rich woman came along, there's no doubt in my mind he'd do the same thing again to his current wife and their kids.


    You got them, jackass.
  4. The word dignity and desperation come to mind with Kevin Federline's recent actions.

    Matthew Rosengart being once again the best thing ever to Britney.

    I hope Britney makes them all pay, can only imagine how awful everyone has been around her.
  5. [​IMG]
    Absolutely love this man
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  6. Kevin getting ratio'd in every comment section available... we love to see it! Though I'm hoping it stops after Rosengart stepped in.
  7. Does K-Fed resemble Jabba The Hutt recently, or is it just me?
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  8. I absolutely live for a Rosengart statement. The way he is so fiercely but respectfully defensive to anyone who crosses Britney is so heartwarming. Thank God she found him.
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  9. I think rather its really nice to see someone on her payroll who is actually on her side. But he is being paid - this is his job. So heartwarming isn't the word I'd use. But certainly it's a huge relief that after all the legal bullshit she's been through she finally has someone who will do their job for her, instead of the people around her.
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  10. I know that Britney doesn't want to be seen as a victim so this isn't a poor Britney post but it is still completely disheartening to think that this girl has never been treated like a human being in her entire life. She has been working since she was a child, trying to be a team player and provide for her family and everyone from her label to her parents to her ex husband see her as nothing more than a workhorse and an ATM. She can't even let her guard down around her children because they film her and end up giving the videos to the press. Just betrayal after betrayal. It makes me so sad, she must have felt so lonely.
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  11. Is Vicky still Britney’s manager?
  12. She was never her manager but her assistant.
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  13. Oh sorry I didn’t realise - I wonder if she is still her assistant then?
  14. This is so devastatingly sad to witness. She is continuously betrayed by the people close to her.
  15. Kevin defending Jamie in that interview? A man his kids have a restraining order against?
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. "New" picture on Spotify? Makes sense I guess since the previous picture was from 2003 or so?
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  18. Monica defending her!
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