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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Also I thought she made it clear she didn't exactly pick her wedding guests. She said she was surprised to see Selena there. Meaning probably Cade or someone in her circle knew the celebrities that had been vocally supportive over the last year and invited them.
  2. Britney will punch to her right or left or up, but she rarely ever punches down. She’s not shading Selena, she just likes the weirdness of the photo.
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  3. Why would she shade a wedding guest who said a nice thing to her? It's not like she ever did anything to her and if anything, she said Glory was inspired by her. I don't get it.
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  4. I think when she talked about her mom and Selena both saying that, she was saying her mom wasn't being genuine but Selena was and she appreciated it.
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  5. Not to mention she thanked yet her again for coming literally two weeks ago. People read too much into things.

    She included Selena's picture on the post because she mentioned "friends who uplift her ass up."
  6. I think @Music Is Death hit the nail on the head.

    She compared Selena to her mum because she didn’t feel it was genuine from family but when Selena said it to her, it was one of the first times she found it genuine.
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  7. She already deleted her Hold Me Closer post nn
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  8. TR


    Surprised because they came despite the whole thing being organized last minute maybe? In any case she obviously likes her. She's been saying it non-stop for the last 8 years.
  9. Yeah, I figured she was surprised people showed up because they didn’t necessarily know each other like that, and the whole thing was seemingly thrown together last minute? At least it seemed that way.
  10. Reason 52,473,571 why you should all be stanning Tinashe by now.
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  11. I love this
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  12. Britney loves the album mix of Boys, confirmed.

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  13. I don't understand the second part of the post but am I detecting some XTina shade?
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  14. Yeah, I don't really understand what Xtina has to do with "Boys" or the conservatorship dd.
  15. I’m loving that she preferred the original Boys all along. Here I was thinking it was her choice to continuously perform that *shit* remix. The album version has always been superior, and it’s clearly one of her faves.
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  16. Literally no one is safe from her drags.
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  17. I genuinely don’t think she’s shading anyone but her sister or she’s just fucking with us ddd
  18. How can it not be about Christina when she’s currently promoting a Spanish album talking about her fathers roots, sang a song called What A Girl Wants, and was famously abused by her father.
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  19. I genuinely have zero clue what she's going on about aside from Boys ddd.
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  20. I’m glad she at least has the self-awareness to delete these posts after a short time. She needs a proper outlet to let these frustrations out and social media is not the place for it.
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