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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. This post just called me single

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  2. Agree with this. For me I used to always use social media to vent, regret it and then delete the posts later on. Someone told me to just write what you want to say in your phone notes, then if you still want to post it a few hours later, do it.

    That's what I do now and most of the time I won't end up posting my rant - it makes me feel better typing it out though. But with 42 million followers I really think she needs to start venting this stuff in a personal diary or something, not much of it makes sense anyway dd
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  3. I know it's been a couple days, but this is great to see.

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  4. The Federlines really thought they snapped releasing that footage… the way it’s barely even a story a few days later dd
  5. We know damn well that if Britney, God forbidden, ever laid a finger on the kids, we would have heard about that since ages ago from these same mouths, huh? The fact that posting those clips was the best they could think of doing.

    By the way, how have we not heard anything about colon's deposition? Was it really yesterday?
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  6. Having a moment with Unusual You this Sunday morning. Christ alive, what a song.
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  7. It was ordered to be done on or before the 12th from what I remember.

    I doubt we’ll hear much about it until the next court date or if TMZ leaks it
  8. I hope we can expect a formal announcement tomorrow, if this is allegedly dropping on Friday?
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  9. Wasn't Jamie supposed to sit for his deposition by August 12th? Apologies if I missed the posts where it happened/date was pushed back.

  10. Can't wait
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  11. I just realised she wrote What a Little Girl Wants and that isn’t the title of Xtina’s second single, plus she wasn’t even writing her material back then so it may not be a dig at her after all?
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  12. That first one captures her dancer's energy perfectly, only Britney and Janet have that kind of power when in mid-routine.
  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yeah..I'm glad she can post on Insta, but I don't think she actually ever gains anything from what she posts. Just needy fans trying to decipher every little sentence she writes.
  14. I do think we need to start calling her out for things that are unnecessary, though.

    That recent Christina post was just plain nasty?
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  15. It wasn’t about Christina though?
  16. I think she was talking about her sister.
  17. I absolutely hated the list of rappers when talking about how much weed was in KFed's house. I understand that the conservatorship limited her access to media but it really did read as racial stereotyping to me, especially since most of the rappers she mentioned aren't even particularly known for smoking it - like I don't think Jay is even top 50 for me which it comes to prominent figures in the culture who smoke.

    It's understandable if her references and behaviour is a bit behind because she was unable to consume media at the same rate as everyone else for the last decade and a half, but this just means she should be educated more by consumers of her content, because I know her heart wasn't meaning that to sound the way it did at all.
  18. I mean, we can call her out when she actually mentions any names. But some of you are just assuming she was taking about that woman when it was most likely about her sister, whom she has every right to drag. The post was deleted within an hour, anyway.

    Now, on the other hand, the post above makes a valid point. I don't think her wording was ideal there. I wish she'd just stop name dropping people on her rants. All she had to say was “more weed than a dispensary." But also.. she was isolated for so long that sometimes her mindset is stuck in the early 2000s.

    I just feel uncomfortable with the idea of inviting people to "call her out" because of how nasty her Instagram comments are at it is. She makes one mistake and people are quick to be like "this is why she was under a conservatorship" or "she needs help."
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  19. Not "that woman" like Christina is Voldemort
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