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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Queen Sunny

    OT: I'm really hoping for a Hold Me Closer announcement soon... I'm getting a little worried it's gone quiet
  2. I forget that Britney can play the piano- it would be interesting to see what she could deliver if she was in the right space and actually wanted to explore different melodies. I’ve had the impression before that she’s very much into writing melodies and not just adding lyrics to a song.
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  3. I need Robyn and Tove Lo to send some tracks though!
  4. I've said it so many times before but I really don't get why people get so caught up in demos that are sent "for Britney".

    I could make a song right now and submit it, it means nothing.

    EDIT: Okay looks like Sony doesn't accept demos from randomers but my point still stands, anyone in the industry can submit a song or even claim it's for Britney
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  5. Now would be a GREAT time to bring back Bloodshy & Avant.

    (it's always a good time to bring them back)
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  6. I remember someone on here put out a demo they created and said it was for Britney.

    Of course, the fans believed it and now it's got over 100,000 views on Youtube dddd.
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  7. If Bloodshy & Avant broke up over Britney('s team), then I'm sure she could bring them back together.
  8. Christian Karlsson is one-half of Galantis these days and is pretty busy.
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  9. I’d like Britney to work with not a single producer she used to work with save for Burns. It’s time for everything new.
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  10. There are certain producers I definitely wouldn't mind her linking up with again, but I also think Britney typically makes magic when she pushes herself outside of her comfort zone a bit like she did on Glory. Like @mindtrappa has alluded to (I don't recall if it was in this thread or the thread for the song on the main forum), Britney typically plays around for quite a while before an album actually comes together, so I'd be happy for her to just take some time to play around with new producers and see what takes shape.

    One thing she kept repeating during the Glory promo run was that she had to take a leap of faith and 'dare to suck' by trying new things, being willing to fail, and throwing new ideas out there... and that's how we got stuff like Just Like Me, Coupure Electrique, Invitation, etc. Maybe not all classics, but they added up to her most interesting project in ages. And I'm sure that virtually any producer she wants would be happy to work with her right now, so I'm eager to see what direction she goes.
  11. I don’t necessarily think Mattman and Robin - producers from Max Martins camp - and Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter were out of her comfort zone. They’re pretty much exactly who you’d expect to do a Britney album in 2015/16.
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  12. I just want Britney to work with Billie and Finneas. Write with Billie and let Finneas be the producer. Also get Tove, Robyn and Charli.
  13. We need more Burns, I said this at the time. Make Me was and is an incredible song, potentially one of my favourite Britney songs ever. I wonder if they ever worked on anything else in those sessions.
  14. Unpopular opinion, but I’d love for Britney to have her “Sour” era. I wonder if she’s into Olivia.
  15. My point was more that they're people she'd never worked with before. Almost any artist will say that's a bit nerve-wracking to work with new people, which is why certain artists use the same producers/writing teams over and over. It's especially unique in Britney's case because for the previous two albums the majority of the music was handed to her; she walked into a booth, sang, and left (and sometimes she didn't even sing ddd). In this case, she was actively collaborating with new people – even ones who, musically, maybe felt like obvious fits, they were still new to her. There were also producers like Burns, Young Fyre, Oak Felder, and Lance Eric Shipp who were certainly more obscure/left-field for her at the time.
  16. I just want her to work with whoever she wants. Andrew Watt and Circuit seem like a great and obvious fit to dip her toes back into music with. But if she decided she wanted her next album to be a classic Britney album and wanted to work with Max, Rami, and Rodney Jerkins I'd be happy. If she decided she wanted to do a whole album of Breathe On Me's with Mark Taylor I'd be down. If she decided she wanted her own Confessions and did an album with Stuart Price, that'd be cool.

    I do think whatever she does next will be very decidedly 'Britney'. I think the fans who believe she'll go left lane and do an alternative pop masterpiece are going to let down. One of Britney's strengths as an artist is knowing who she is and adapting that to trends. I don't think Britney at 40 will be any different.
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  17. I know she had a very tough time and her relationship with making music has been affected by so many different things, but one day she’ll realize music gave her joy, freedom, so many adoring fans, ways to show her creativity and her artistry, (even money and success), and I’m sure she’ll get back making music again, and enjoying it! She’s a natural performer, she’s iconic, she just needs to sing “oh baby baby” to make people scream. She’ll be back at making music cos she deserves that joy again. You say Britney, and you see her at the center of the stage (with a huge yellow boa snake… just kidding!) and that’s where she deserves to be.
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  18. The good thing with Britney is she has great taste in music (we will not talk about one off songs or that album), so I know she will put out something good.
  19. Fans: give us news about Hold Me Closer!

    Britney: Krispy Kreme is orgasmic.
  20. She's not wrong though.
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