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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Yes to both suggestions!

    Also, throw in some Dev Hynes into the mix, could be interesting.

    We'll see what she'll come up with when she feels ready, but while her disgusting gold digging exploitive family, former team, ex husband, ex lawyer and all did her dirty and probably made her love for music associated with alot of trauma, in the end I still think she has that love for it in her and I have yet to get a feeling that she disliked working with producers and writers and all had good things to say about her so I think this is still where she finds comfort and creativity, and with a bit of distance to her family that exploited that for personal gains, hopefully she'll find her way back and this time fully on her terms.

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  3. Why does she lowkey sound like Kate Bush in that Krispy Kreme video dd.

    And Brit, there are so many better donuts out there sis.
  4. She has always looked beautiful, but her styling in the early 2010s was bizarre, considering she was only in her early 30s.


    Not that there’s anything particularly “wrong” with women dressing that way, but it didn’t feel like Britney at all, even with the “she’s older now” stuff. Thankfully, there was a course correction leading up to the Glory era.
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  5. I think it was her being told or chose to dress more conservative as she was engaged to Jason Trawick. I assume it's why we got those comments about Work Bitch in interviews, saying she's a mom and shouldn't be so sexy to that extent.

    Then again she did release her lingerie line at that time so probably took a decision to dress more conservative for the branding?
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  6. Don't come for me but I'd love for her to work with Charlie Puth (as a producer/songwriter). He has such a great ear for melodies and good pop production
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  7. Funny thing is she looks so much more youthful now than she did 10 years ago. You can see that glow, that smile that can’t be faked. She’s liberated
  8. Just what I thought. I hope Rosengart comes for their ass

  9. Ok but I do think this was one of her best looks in recent years.

  10. I love that appearance so much!
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  11. I thought she did have some really great looks around that time. Maybe it was just because she clearly looked a lot better than she did during Femme Fatale, but I thought she looked gorgeous:
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  12. Ooo what a fantastic way to word it. A good lawyer would never just guess, I bet he already has proof and is just waiting for them to deny it to the court and then he’ll bring out the receipts
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  13. @britneysvault claiming the lyrics of the first two verses of Elton's “The One” are interpolated throughout the new track.
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  14. If true this is perfect for Britney!

    I saw you dancin' out the ocean
    Runnin' fast along the sand
    A spirit born of earth and water
    Fire flyin' from your hands

    In the instant that you love someone
    In the second that the hammer hits
    Reality runs up your spine
    And the pieces finally fit
  15. I can hear those two melodies fitting together. OMG CAN IT JUST BE FRIDAY ALREADY.
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  16. They specifically highlighted these lyrics in a story:
    I saw you dancin' out the ocean
    Running fast along the sand
    A spirit born of earth and water
    Fire flying from your hands

    There are caravans we follow
    Drunken nights in dark hotels
    When chances breathe between the silence
    When sex and love no longer gel

    I can already hear "Tiny Dancer" chorus swooping in after the first verse.
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  17. It's a bit of a kii that you need to mash up five different Elton songs to end up with a decent one
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  18. The lyrical content of "The One" is quite sentimental. She's finally happy with Sam, so maybe it's a tribute to her being free and happy with her man. "Sources" (take that lightly with every article written about the collab) have said she wanted bits and pieces of other songs included/wrote her own new ones?
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  19. The One is a fantastic song. I really wish this were mostly Britney though. Especially if it’s new vocals from Elton.
  20. It won't be new vocals from Elton.
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