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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. She's been determined to point out she wants these fuckers in jail, that article seems fishy to me.
  2. I heard a while ago she knew about the Lucky shoot leaking and was very unhappy about it. I guess that confirms that, seeing as half that video is just outtakes from it nn. I really loved the Rolling Stone and Marie Claire UK shoots, though, so surprised to see those included. Especially Marie Claire, since she constantly posts shots from it.
  3. Most of the Marie Claire shoot was so pretty and one of the few that felt like she was her age, but I can see why she’d find the cover not very flattering. The theme seems to be she dislikes the shoots that looked dull and/or unflattering. I’m happy to receive confirmation she hates the Lucky shoot as much as we do.
  4. I've always disliked that Rolling Stone shoot. I'm glad she does as well. Women's Health looks great but I'm not sure who they were taking pictures of because it sure as hell was not Britney Spears.
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  5. I love her sarcasm. It amazes me some of the comments can't detect it when she makes it so obvious.
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  6. The Lucky one is absolutely the worst photoshoot in history
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  7. The 08 Glamour and Rollingstone shoots were good though, and she looked like Britney in them. That was the problem (to me, at least) in later photoshoots - she stopped looking like herself. Whether that was contouring or photoshop or her general feeling at the time. Though I still can't quite get over the gap she now has in her teeth either ddd, cuz it just doesn't look like her smile to me.
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  8. Seeing her dancing her ass off to Get Naked just made my teen gay self squeal.
  9. Plus some of those photoshoots were just dull compared to the ones before the conservatorship, no imagination at all.

    The photos where she looked like Meghan Trainor, Heidi Klum and Sarah Michelle Gellar were worrying in what they were doing to her face.
  10. If she’s gonna attack photoshoots, can she PLEASE go after that hideous Kenzo campaign?

    Her body and the outfits looked incredible, but they literally edited her face to the point where she looked like a fucking sim.
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  11. The Marie Claire one is so pretty, the only worth saving.

    What is UP with that Lucky shoot? Why did they photoshop hair onto her forehead?
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  12. She looks like she's wearing a wig in the Lucky shoot?

    This is the first time I've seen most of these and I'm absolutely shook at how much she doesn't look like Britney in most of them! Horrific.
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  13. I just love how much she’s on the same page as us about so much; her photoshoots, her Vegas performances, her set lists, Get Naked, Lonely, Breathe On Me and Glory. She’s so tuned in and her taste in her own music is spot on.

    I feel like a lot of artists would never listen to their own music but you can tell she actually really enjoys some of hers. Some artists are even embarrassed about their early music but she clearly isn’t.

    She just needs to let us know what she thinks of BJ but I’m sure she’s already in agreement with us on that one.
  14. It’s truly wild to look at the comparisons of photo shoots and while, yes, she’s older in them, the conservatorship really tried to make her seem like she was a 50 year old English teacher that just got her groove back on these covers until Glory. Jesus.
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  15. They really tried their hardest to repress her sexuality. I’m glad she’s reclaiming it now.

    Britney/In The Zone/Blackout/Glory really embody who she is as an artist, I hope one day we can add at least another album to that list.

    I really don’t return to Femme Fatale because it’s a Dr Puke project, Britney Jean for obvious reasons and now with Circus knowing how painfully unhappy and scared she was puts me off, I’d love to know how she feels about these albums.
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  16. Pretty sure they used a bad cover photo, but the best shoot she did was the one in Elle Magazine, which toyed with her celebrity a little and cast her as this eccentric, over-the-top LA popstar mom, but not in a "Britney's crazy!" way, more of a "Britney's cooler than all of us" way.

    This one:
  17. V magazine was also one of the best from the c-ship era.
  18. The Flaunt Magazine shoot was pretty good, too. Interview not so much. Weird how this part kind of came true:
    The whole thing is pretty eerie to read in the context of everything we know now. Especially with how much it focused on her praising her security team? I also didn’t realize she thanked Black Box Security in the Glory album notes. Creepy.
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  19. 6 years on and that piece still reads like a harrowing prologue to a pilot of a contemporary horror series for me. Everything about it, even the photos, make me feel very uneasy.
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