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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I like Girl Like Me and it was a massive smash for Shakira and the Black Eyed Peas, so....
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  2. He’s clearly a stan and for that I respect him!
  3. I appreciate how supportive will is of Britney but he needs to stay far, far away. He also seemed to hint that whatever he's referring to is something they worked on in the past? Maybe using old demos? Keep it!
  4. Britney Jean: Britney’s Version xx
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  5. Come to think of it.. wasn't Britney supposed to be on this song? Maybe she's gonna jump on something that was meant for her in the past?
  6. Maybe she's finally going to record Til It's Gone
  7. Baby One More Time made Pitchfork’s top 250 songs of the 90s list at #28. Okay stan a bit!
  8. The healing power if she comes through with releasing Britney Jean (Britney's Version).
  9. If she did remake it, I could at least go from having to pretend it doesn't exist to just accepting it as her worst album.
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  10. STOP PUTTING BRITNEY JEAN REVISIONISM INTO THE UNIVERSE. There is absolutely no reason to go back to it other than to delete it.
  11. This thread will still be doing whataboutisms over that album long after it turns a decade old.
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  12. The only reason to fix it is not having an album ~out there by a major recording artist (or any recording artist, really) that is in large part sung by a fucking impersonator. I get second hand embarrassment even thinking about it, I cannot even imagine how Britney feels. That's some Milli Vanilli shit. And on streaming, albums live forever.
  13. A cursory glance at the list and Madonna, Elliott Smith, Janet, Jay-Z and R.E.M. are way too low here. They better stan Mariah, Destiny’s Child, Britney and Portishead, though!

    Did critics like Baby One More Time on its release?
  14. Yeah, something doesn't sit right with me about all these supposed upcoming collaborations coming after the success of Hold Me Closer. I really hope that while Britney is busy shitting in her pool that they aren't planning on using old vocals/demos to keep the momentum going. It's definitely something Will would sign up to though given the while Britney Jean fiasco, but not something I'd imagine Britney green lighting after everything she's said?
  15. really chose violence.
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  16. Wait what other supposed collaborations are there?!
  17. Apparently there's one with Benny Blanco in the pipeline.
  18. There’s also the alleged Weeknd collab for The Idol dd
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  19. This I would be incredibly here for. Britney on something like How Do I Make You Love Me?, Less Than Zero... or basically anything from Dawn FM?! I feel like they'd sound incredible together on the right song.
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