Britney Spears

The way she worked the entire fuck out of the ponytail in the scream and shout remix video though. I rinsed the gifs of that during tumblr days!

And don't forget this one! FIERCNEY!

Anybody here familiar with the 'Tattle Life' forums? I had never heard of them but stumbled across the Britney thread only to find it full of the most vile, hateful victim blaming I've ever read about her. I had been lurking for a while now but some recent posts made it difficult to not step in, so I wrote a lengthy, factual post in defence against multiple gross takes on Britney and her situation and I was banned for 'spam' within 2 minutes of submitting.

The irony is the forum rules hark on about protecting free speech and not moderating opinions, yet calling people out for being ignorant and presenting a case which exposed that ignorance was promptly flagged and removed. Nothing that can be done about it and after a quick Google search I realise I'm better off out of it and hope Britney never has the misfortune of seeing it.