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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Dua Lipa’s collab got a cute animated video and Britney’s gets some dance video. Meh.
    They could’ve continued with the animated theme and given us the return of anime Britney from “Break The Ice” or the Flash animated one from “Kill The Lights”.
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  2. Good animation is expensive, though. And god knows Mother Elthon is already investing big in this single!
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  3. They could have at least tried to carry the visuals from the promo we had so far and the lyric video into it. I don’t understand how this is expected to help the song at all. I would rather watch the rose-fuelled rocket dancing across the sky again.
  4. She slayed this look though!

  5. Bring it back to streaming!!!
  6. Scream and Shout is garbage and a massive stain on her career in my opinion. It got her a hit I guess, Will was big-ish at the time so it kinda made sense but wow, awful.
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  7. Honestly, was the worst person to choose even if they wanted an EDM album. Black Eyed Peas songs in that realm were always so repetitive and simplistic. I know she has said nice things about Big Fat Bass but oof.
  8. I absolutely love and adore Scream & Shout. Deserved to be a smash hit, it still goes hard whenever I hear it.
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  9. Scream and Shout is basic AF but it bops and I love that it brought Britishney back.

    Even if she did only sing it like that ‘cause Tulisa was the demo singer.
  10. WHAT!

    I can’t find a proper demo on YouTube but the live version she does is sooo much better. Sorry, not sorry. I don’t even like Tulisa.
  11. The way she worked the entire fuck out of the ponytail in the scream and shout remix video though. I rinsed the gifs of that during tumblr days!
  12. And don't forget this one! FIERCNEY!

  13. I haven't even played the video because I was too busy shuddering at all of these words together in a sentence...

  14. So jealous of Lewis Capaldi's recent cover...
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  15. At least it wasn't acoustic. The kind of 'let's show them all I don't take myself seriously and sing some Britney' crap.
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  16. He must have been on a 90s pop theme, he did I Want It That Way too
  17. What a treat.
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  19. New York Comic Con 2022 has unveiled a new Britney Funko.
  20. That’s really cute. I would’ve died if they had done the green top look, because that was the first Britney doll I owned. But anything that reminds people that Crazy is just as iconic as some of her other hits is alright with me.
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