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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Anybody here familiar with the 'Tattle Life' forums? I had never heard of them but stumbled across the Britney thread only to find it full of the most vile, hateful victim blaming I've ever read about her. I had been lurking for a while now but some recent posts made it difficult to not step in, so I wrote a lengthy, factual post in defence against multiple gross takes on Britney and her situation and I was banned for 'spam' within 2 minutes of submitting.

    The irony is the forum rules hark on about protecting free speech and not moderating opinions, yet calling people out for being ignorant and presenting a case which exposed that ignorance was promptly flagged and removed. Nothing that can be done about it and after a quick Google search I realise I'm better off out of it and hope Britney never has the misfortune of seeing it.
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  2. She must really love this particular photo of Selena.

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  3. Nn her repeatedly posting that photo of Selena is borderline harassment at this point
  4. We need Sam to adblock it.
  5. She’s annoying me dddddd. She needs to learn from the Christina thing and keep other peoples names out of her commentarys/sarcasm/frustration/whatever it is she’s trying to convey.
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  6. That Selena photo again lmao I hope she keeps posting it forever
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  7. Why do I feel like she called Selena for frapps and she left her on read dd
  8. That damn Selena photo ffff
  9. She doesn't "need" to do anything. Sorry that her posts aren't fitting your Britney narrative. That one Christina post, which she clarified, does not need to set the scene for how she dictates herself moving forward. Her being free is about holding her accountable, not putting guardrails up for what she should and shouldn't do.

    Infantilization at its finest. Really wish some of y'all would give it up.
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  10. I don’t think she’s being rude to Selena – she posted a cute video of her watching Only Murders yesterday as well, but the constant spamming of that photo is funny.
  11. Infantilisation is justifying everything she does. I think she’s being rude and uncouth (I’m reading the Selena posts sarcastically, especially given they no longe follow one another) and I’m accounting for me thinking it’s annoying. Feel free to disagree x
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  12. Yeah maybe try and get out more, she obviously likes Selena and your posts have a weird energy

    Also having issues with a woman who was silenced for years and complaining you don’t want to read it? Maybe just unfollow and let it go, it’s not that hard.
  13. It's just a picture. Selena's skirt says "happy" and Britney's post is about...a happy dance. It's wild how people woke up one day and decided they hate each other.
  14. Pretending all is fine between them is also kinda weird.

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  15. But like, Britney has only said nice things about Selena. I know they unfollowed each other, but that could've been a mistake or something. Britney doesn't follow Drew Barrymore back yet we know they're super close lately.

    Selena doesn't run her social media anyway. She said she doesn't even have the Instagram app on her phone.
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  16. Britney fans are too old to be looking into the reasons why she does/doesn't follow certain people.

    Middle school behavior.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

  18. Speaking of Circus... it's 2022! Why aren't the bonus tracks on streaming. Someone @ Cade Hudson.
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  19. Britney Monopoly is up for pre-order, out Oct 14th:

    MONOPOLY®: Britney Spears takes players and fans on a musical journey through her most popular hits to buy, sell, and trade songs like “Baby One More Time”, “Toxic”, “Lucky”, and more!

    Tokens inspired by unforgettable music videos such as an astronaut, milkshake tray, and basketball take you around the board to rack up Gold Records and Platinum Records.
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