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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Oh, if this is real, might have to skip the Blackout album Funko release because…oof..
  2. The tweet says it’s a mock up.
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  3. Thankfully I'm able to enjoy the outside AND understand subtext. They are two qualities I really enjoy about myself x
  4. I did wonder how they'd work around her raised arm with the Blackout funko.

    If the mock up is any indication, I don't think it quite works.
  5. That's Demi Lovato
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  6. The doll looks like it’s ready fight someone
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  7. The key change in Born To Make You Happy.

    That’s all.
  8. I always underrate the song until I hear that part again and suddenly it's back in my top ten Britney tracks.
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  9. Oh I’ve always adored Born To Make You Happy! I remember when it came out I referenced the title in a creative writing story I did for homework. I was 9 years old at the time but it felt… correct!
  10. I just noticed the Tinashe version of Slumber Party is missing from Spotify now, save for the remixes that use her vocals. I do like that there's only one "Glory (Deluxe)" on her page now, but the single version of that song should still be available somewhere.
  11. That version has been nuked for a couple of years now. It is weird since it’s not like they couldn’t just have a single listing for it floating around. I guess it’s just an oversight since it replaced the album version for a long time.

    RE: The Blackout Funko mock-up
    They really didn’t need to attempt to mimic the album cover. Either have her in the outfit or give us the iconic stripper Britney (before she takes off the jacket) from “Gimme More”. It’s not like they did the album cover for anything other than Oops!….
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  12. I always found it strange that they replaced the solo version of Slumber Party completely and didn't just add the Tinashe version to the album as a bonus track.

    I distinctly remember being in the bath (clawfoot bath with bubbles nn) listening to Glory. When Slumber Party came on I suddenly just heard a new voice on it, I didn't even know it was an upcoming single at this point (and I swear there was no feature added to the title of the track at first) fff

    Personally I'm glad it's back, always preferred the original.
  13. I love Tinashe as much as the next gay does but honestly she deserved to have a couple extra lines where she could shine on her own. Britney's deliveries are always perfect and her verses should remain in tact.

    This makes me wanna watch the music video on repeat today.
  14. Snippet of an unreleased song leaked:

  15. That sounds mortifying.
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  16. Sometimes unreleased songs should remain unreleased.
  17. I kind of love it?? Sounds like a hit. (Also sounds like Myah, though)
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  18. What the hell did I just listen to.
  19. That one has been circulating for a while. It's the song she did with Sam Bruno.
  20. Seems like she is in the UK?
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