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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Wasn't Dem Chicks Be Like recorded the same month as Make Me?
  2. If the Instagram posts are accurate, Dem Chicks was recorded June 2015, and Make Me in October.
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  3. Loving this!

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  4. Another rumoured 'Pretty World' era track. Karen really did save us.
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  5. I kind of lost track of unreleased since Unbroken leaked.

    Anyone to fill in the gaps?

    Swimming in the stars original mix
    I've been loving you too long
    Sucker for pain
    Dance your F off
    Hey Ma
    Dem chicks be like
    I feel so free with you
    Take Off
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  6. I always, always appreciated how Britney shouted her out interview after interview… like, popstars never go out of their way to talk about the role A&R plays in their careers, it was so refreshing, and frankly super professional of Brit to give credit where it was due.
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  7. Karen was probably the first person in 8 years to ask her what kind of album she actually wanted to make.

    I firmly believe that without the conservatorship and with Britney fully in charge, we probably would still have gotten albums fairly similar to what we got, but with more variation. She's always been smart enough to keep her eye and ear on whats popular, and in 2011 we probably would have gotten an album with a healthy dose of Max and Luke, but it probably would also have had more Bloodshy and He About to Lose Meh on the main tracklist and we probably would have gotten an Usher feature or something like that. The Britney Jean fiasco would have been avoided but 100% we would have gotten a few Sia tracks, coming off of Diamonds. So yea, I think her music in those years would have been close to what it was, but with more obvious investment on her part.
  8. This is just a no, you really believe that we would have gotten Britney Jean? Femme Fatale? Nope nope.
  9. Thats not exactly what I wrote... but yes, I believe she would have worked with Max again in 2010/11. And I believe she's a Rihanna fan and would've worked with Sia in 2013.
  10. I think Blackout is an absolute masterpiece but there are days I feel In The Zone is the perfect pop album and her actual best. Good I don't have to chose because I don't think I could.

    I also watched Crossroads again yesterday and it is fascinating how dark it is. Also the movie is basically about Mimi. It is her story with Lucy's side quest added for obvious reasons. I read some old reviews and people were really just extra mean because it was a Britney movie. For a coming of age teen movie it holds up pretty well.
  11. Blackout is a no brainer as my favourite Britney album. I could listen to it start to finish with no skips.

    In The Zone is great but I don't think it flows as well as Blackout. It could probably benefit with reordering the track list because some of the songs, while good, just don't sound like they belong on the same album. I'm also not very fond of Shadow.
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  12. I still think In The Zone is better than Blackout, but it's close.
  13. I prefer In the Zone. I appreciate the claustrophobic relentlessness of Blackout but In the Zone has more variety and frankly, higher highs. Also it was an amazing era and is connected with very happy memories of my first years in university.

    In the Zone, Blackout and Glory are my trinity though. I have always stanned Femme Fatale but Dr. Lukes involvement and Britney kind of denouncing it have soured me on it. Also it sounds very much of its time now.
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  14. Had the conservatorship not happened, I don’t think she would’ve rode the EDM wave as hard as she did in 2011 to 2013, although there would still be tracks on trend. The Dev Hynes tracks though would’ve become fully formed.
  15. The fact she released In The Zone (a masterpiece) and then followed it up with Blackout (another masterpiece) is just legendary shit. If it wasn't for the C-ship, I feel like she would have continued releasing incredibly strong records instead of being forced into garbage like Britney Jean.
  16. Or mostly retired, being a Mom and happily raising her boys just like she always wanted for herself.
  17. Blackout is the better album, but In the Zone is the one I return to the most as it's so carefree and fun.
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  18. Blackout is definitely the strongest album, but In The Zone feels more Britney in every way possible.
  19. I would throw "Britney" into this mix and call it a three-peat. Yes, it doesn't have the cohesiveness of her two subsequent releases, but the overall quality cannot be denied and it was an expert career pivot. It honestly sounds better and better to me as the years go by.
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  20. The full deluxe Britney album is god tier. When I Found You, I Run Away, and Before The Goodbye should have all been on the standard. What an album.

    My ideal tracklist (minus I Love Rock 'N' Roll):

    What It's Like To Be Me
    Let Me Be
    I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
    I'm a Slave 4 U
    Bombastic Love
    That's Where You Take Me
    When I Found You
    I Run Away
    Before The Goodbye
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