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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Mainly yes

    Social media is basically posting a nude to 5,000 people so that one person sees it, or vague-posting about something so that one person knows it's about them.
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  2. Right?! Newsflash, Britney is a very complicated and likely quite a difficult person.
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  3. What all fans want, which overrides any and all other things, is for their fave to be loved and adored.

    Britney is showing a side that is not particularly likeable (and yes, we get it, there are reasons), and longtime stans are having trouble reconciling that with the image they've held onto for decades.
  4. Is she now? When literally everyone who has met her says otherwise.

    I do find it odd that whenever Britney (allegedly) takes shot at someone, people start acting like she's automatically in the wrong or "needs help." And this isn't directed at anyone in this thread in particular - mostly talking about social media here. As if Selena (who has showed her true colors recently) or any other people she's apparently been shading are sweet little angels themselves. I guess it's part of the 'she's crazy!!' narrative.
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  5. You're reading into that comment as a statement on Britney the pop star, rather than Britney the person. We know she's agreeable in the studio, perhaps to a fault, and I'll stop there. It's not at all unexpected that she would be having difficulty engaging and interacting with people on a human level.

    As for the Selena comment, Britney has clearly informed your own thoughts about her already, so how can you pretend there's no connection there?
  6. Can someone fill me in as to why she's shading Selena?
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  7. Lock this thread.
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  8. Are we seriously gonna act like it isn't common knowledge that she's one of the nicest, most genuine people in the business? All over some alleged beef with a former Disney starlet?

    Taryn Manning said it best:
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  9. Britney, like many, is a complex individual with an array of emotions within her especially after what she’s gone through. She may be an Angel to some, and a Devil to others. Who knows, who cares. Let her be, it’s not like she’s a murderer.
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  10. Just ordered the Britney Spears Oracle cards, they were somehow up on my local Amazon, so got them for a friend and myself.

  11. This is actually a really good read.
  12. Queen of pop!
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  13. Instead of thinking there’s something wrong with her for publicly shading other pop stars I think it’s actually a sign of things being right in her life for once. She’s always been one to want to keep things real. She hates fakes, celebrity culture and the way media exploits people. She also clearly has no one advising her what to do or not do. Most celebs can’t post to social media without tons of handlers, managers, etc having a say in the narrative. And she’s finally free of that.

    Some fans are going to have a hard time grappling with seeing her humanity more publicly (and people not liking her, as someone mentioned above). If you think of how her career exploded at such a young age—at nearly 41, this may be the first time in her adult life where she can literally do or say whatever she wants without going through someone else.

    There’s no sense comparing Britney to most of her peers who are still chained to the industry in a way she likely never be again. She’s survived something that makes it hard for her to relate to other people, and I think that’s created a lot of resentment and lack of trust. Who in her life would actually get what’s she been through? Like truly get it?
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  14. This was a really good read and I agree with everything being said. Her legacy IS underrated, as was she since the beginning of her career.
  15. Nobody said that though
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  16. Once Upon a One More Time is set to be announced tomorrow for it's Broadway debut. It has not been retooled at all from what I'm hearing so Passenger remains the main motif in the show LOL.

    I hope Britney roasts them. The interview with the creative team was dire.
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  17. It sounds tragic
  18. We obviously have no way of knowing how involved Britney actually was with it, but it's honestly one of the few projects from the conservatorship years that feels like it has her fingerprints all over it... fairytale princesses reading The Feminine Mystique in their book club and deciding to overthrow the patriarchy is VERY Britney.

    I actually think the concept, if well executed, has potential -- but from what I've heard from friends who saw it in Chicago, well-executed it is not.
  19. She's had nothing to do with it. The interview with the creative team basically said they had free reign and "think she likes it" but haven't interacted with her beyond that. She never saw it beyond a reading early on. It's entirely a Team Conservatorship creation.

    It is not well executed at all. I saw it in DC and it's very, very bad. Horrible set, horrible choreography, and the arrangements are terrible. The only thing I thought was well done was they combined the verses of Slave with the chorus of Piece of Me.

    Toxic is a throwaway number in this show, but Passenger, Scream and Shout, and Boys/Pretty Girls (this one feels like Britney would love it, but is nightmare fuel for fans) get full ensemble, 11 o'clock number treatment. It's crazy. The writers said they weren't that familiar with her discography beyond the hits going in and it shows.
  20. Just go see & Juliet to be honest
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