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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. This is exhausting.
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  2. I don't think she knows though.
  3. Britney is posting what's she is feeling, it's not that that deep. Yes it's one extreme to the other, but Britney has complex emotions and I guess she still cares about certain people despite what they have done to her.
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  4. Get @TRAVVV to do the casting! Mikaila outauditioned
  5. I know, I don’t think that really makes it ok though (and I know you’re not saying that).

    I feel uneasy about the idea that she doesn’t know because whoever invited him should have known better and my personal opinion is that any sort of team, management or PR person sending invites is ultimately acting on behalf of her and so ultimately the buck stops with her.

    Really my frustration around it is made worse by fans jumping on the Jamie Lynn post, the Ansel post is not the focus here and so she is unlikely to see that it was wrong and have a chance to explain or at the very least remove the post.

    It is really difficult to tread the line of accepting someone has experienced really extreme and unacceptable trauma but still hold them accountable for bad behaviour.

    I have a lot of sympathy for Britney and really want nothing but the best for her.
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  7. Her wedding guest list remains the most random assortment of celebs ever.
  8. This thread is far worse than her Instagram
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  9. As mentioned previous, family isn’t black and white. It’s difficult and an absolute mindf**k to work through, so it’s understandable she will be up and down. Also, whilst Jamie Lynn has done some VERY questionable things, she wasn’t in the ‘eye of the storm’ so to speak, so it may be more complicated between the two sisters. It’s very hard to decipher if you’re not living it like they are. I still also think Britney would benefit from an extended period away from socials.
  10. I mean it’s as simple as Britney being in her feelings because she is essentially alone on her birthday and without her kids and family. This poor woman had everyone close to her betray her / removed from her life and she’s most likely in the bargaining stage of grief.
  11. Anyone with siblings themselves should know that these relationships can go through some extreme turbulence , but when we've had a bit of time to breathe, its very easy to end up laying any animosity to rest and moving on from the past, just everyone deals with it differently. Its a difficult thing to discard family members entirely, but luckily for most of us we get to deal with it privately.

    So i can see where Britney is coming from, as I've been in her shoes having to try and repair extremely difficult situations I've been in with my own siblings as im sure most of us have.

    Although things aren't always so black and white when it comes to this family and to be fair its nobody but Britney's own decision wether or not she wants to repair her relationship with Jamie Lynn, everyone is screaming for Britney's Freedom but most of the time the fans wanting this are guilty of deciding what she should and shouldn't be doing herself.
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  12. Has anyone else noticed how the conspiracy theories seem to be really ramping up again? Sam seems to be the next target.
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  13. It's been brewing for a while. If you go deep into it, it never stopped. There's some crazy shit/people out there.
  14. I find them so exhausting and can only imagine how Britney and Sam feel about it.
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  15. I made the mistake of reading her comments recently, and watching a TikTok related to it.....people are insane.
  16. Thankfully no nn.
  17. Oh, he’s been a target for B-Anon for a minute. The amount of hate accounts he has on Twitter… it’s half the reason Jason Alexander crashed her wedding, so he could “rescue her from her new handlers”.
  18. I don’t think Sam helps matters answering “fan” questions on instagram about Britney. Apparently they are living back in her old house because the adjustment was too difficult.
  19. Imagine being so rich you can drop nearly $12m on a house and then decide, nah I changed my mind nn
  20. I would imagine when you buy a house to be closer to your sons and they are no longer speaking to you, the idea of living in said house loses its luster.
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