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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. The conspiracy diatribe I'm seeing in dark parts of Twitter and TikTok are WILD. The documentaries have really attracted the loonies that love a conspiracy, which I'm sure plays into her distaste for them.

    Sad that it's a level of hysteria she'll never escape, and a type of fame that'll likely never to exist again (probably for the better!).
  2. I mean, no offense but her cryptic, incessant posting invites this type of conspiracy theorizing? Her only existence is an online one and one that comes across pretty erratic still. It's not that people are seeing her out there, happy and active and free, enjoying her life and the ample opportunities that are afforded to her and still fear mongering. She's cooped up in her house making endless instagram posts, one day telling her sister to go to hell and then telling her she loves her in between nudie posts and shading Selena Gomez. I know healing is complicated but I'm still pretty amazed this is what she chooses to do with her time and freedom.
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  3. Gotta love the “she brings it on herself narrative” still being pushed even here.

    No amount of or the content of social media posts should result in people making egregious theories about your life that ultimately harm your healing. Period. Talking about how her posts impact you is such an egocentric take when your experiences don’t equate to hers in the slightest.

    And those conspiracy theorists that are now suddenly “concerned” about Sam? That man is the same as he’s always been for 6 years. Most of that concern is racism. He has been extremely outspoken about women’s freedoms in Iran and to see people willfully gloss over that or not bother to look into that so that their narrative can be pushed is frustrating.
  4. It's got to a point where she's a megastar with absolutely no public relations team on her side whilst every other two-bit celeb and influencer on the planet has that type of protection and guidance. I don't think it's fair to her and I don't like it. In a sense yes I do think it feeds the conspiracy theorists – it's been a year and it's now high time she got certain things together. I'm sort of looking at Sam with a raised eyebrow wondering why he hasn't helped with that considering he's so well versed in how social media works.
  5. People feel very entitled to speak about Britney and her life. The public has a weird sense of ownership about her.
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  6. Her posts don't impact me at all, I don't even follow her and I don't know what the theories are that are being pushed other than that she is still somehow controlled (I don't believe that by the way, I think this is 100% her). I'm just wondering at what point the utterly toxic loop of Britney making posts that actively invite attention and speculation on socials, getting blowback and then deactivating only to come back a couple of days later to repeat the same cycle will end. Is that "healing"? She is clearly seeking approval in the wrong places and in the wrong ways and I am flabbergasted no one on her side can tell her that, not even her own fans who supposedly care about her.

    At what point does the sympathy and excuses run out and she is held accountable for her actions? Actions literally have consequences and no amount of you personally attacking people who suggest Britney isn't a perfect angel who can do no wrong can change that.
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  7. Christ, be for REAL. It's not an "utterly toxic loop". If the most problematic thing she does is throw subtle shade no one can decipher, who fucking cares!!! It's really not that deep!!! Fans would literally rather Britney have no access to socials then to have an outlet to the world. Prob the same fans who thought Team Con posted sped-up dancing videos to make Britney "look crazy," with no true idea of the women they stan!!! I wouldn't be out in fucking public either if I couldn't trust a single person.
  8. ”Accountable for her actions” ddd… what? Why are we acting like she’s out there endorsing Republican candidates, being openly antisemitic, or working with and defending abusers?

    Literally all she does is post videos of herself on Instagram, call out her family (which she has every right to) and post some cryptic “shade” every now and then.
  9. The initial discussion was asking why people make up theories about her. My reply is because for a year she's been stagnant and increasingly erratic on socials, posting things that need to be resolved in private and with professionals. Her relationship with her sons cannot be repaired via instagram. Her relationship with her sister cannot be repaired via instagram. Her mental health cannot be improved via instagram. Instagram cannot be her only outlet to the world. It's not real. I understand that the feedback from the megaphone she has must be incredibly addicting and intoxicating, where everyone jumps the moment you say anything but it doesn't solve anything, obviously.

    Does she have anyone by her side that is willing to help her in actual, tangible ways and not just enable her? Does she want to be helped? Do all the people defending her so vigorously think she's happy now and the status quo should be maintained?
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  10. An account on Instagram is teasing the dress rehearsals of TCSBS and the FFT...
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  11. No, no, and no. And that's none of our business. Stop playing armchair psychologist.
  12. To be honest this reminds of the public sentiment when she announced her divorce to Kevin in 2006. People suddenly expected In the Zone Britney to be back in an instant and.... it didn't happen. Similarly people expected the moment she was free from the c-ship to be back to whatever version of her older self they preferred but trauma doesnt work that way. I fully agree that she would be better off as a person and as a brand if she had a different relationship to her socials but it doesn't seem like there will be much change on the matter anytime soon and unfortunately I dont think she would take kindly to someone suggesting otherwise.
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  13. That girl in the video has such a miserable, hostile vibe.
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  14. She's a twat. I LOVED the Britney pics she shared though. Good to see her eating sushi as she always wanted.
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  15. I will make this reply and it will be the last time I reply on the subject because I do feel icky trying to tell anyone what to do. I don't expect In the Zone Britney or popstar Britney to ever return. Britney will never go back to showbiz period. She's done with it and she would be done with it post Blackout if it wasn't for the conservatorship forcing her to work and her making lemonade out of lemons for Glory. As trite as it sounds, I just want her to be happy and I don't think socials is the way. Even in the past few days, all people have been doing is analyzing her relationship with her sister and her sons because she puts it out there for people to speculate on. I don't think constantly venting on socials is the way to heal and evolve and I wish I saw there were trustworthy people around her to motivate her to make meaningful change and get out of this rut instead of enabling it. That's it. I feel bad for even saying anything and I already see the discussion has moved so let's just talk about something else.
  16. Britney was not done with show business post-Blackout. She loved performing on her own accord (M+M's tour) and the creation process and had finally found a perfect groove. She wouldn't have gone back to the fast paced promo circuit life, but she would have continued to release great albums and perform every now and then.

    I would also like to shut the rest of this convo down. I personally think social media is bad, but it is a much better and much safer outlet for Britney than the paparazzi car chases and her running around LA in '06/'07. Many people seem to forget how dangerous that was and how the media was quite literally writing Britney's obituary.
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  17. Unfortunately people just cannot separate Britney Spears the archetype of the perfect pop Princess, from Britney Spears the real life, flawed and eccentric human being.

    It grinds my gears when people say she ‘needs help’. For what? For a successful PR campaign for an album, sure. For living her life exactly how she wants with no risk or danger to herself or others? No. When she cringey social media etiquette and hair and makeup become the parameters of judgement of wellness.
  18. I’m mostly just in shock about her hair. 2007ney really is still alive and kicking.
  19. Honestly if I were in her shoes, I would make sure to shitpost every minute I'm awake. She knows people take social media too seriously and she enjoys playing with it, that's what I'm seeing, and it's perfectly fine.
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