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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Yeah my tiktok is also slowing feeding me Britney conspiracy theories and it is truly terrifying and ridiculous.
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  2. Britney attracting rabid nutcases who view her as having a nearly mystical status would be fascinating if it weren't so terrifying.
  3. I've noticed a lot of them are housewives. Are you really that bored?
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  4. Wait I need that Circus dress rehearsal in full! The fact that we never got a pro-shot version of the tour has always felt like a crime.
  5. TikTok rapidly becoming worse than FB. I have to laugh.
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  6. Meanwhile, the state of California is still denying Britney her justice.

    It also seems that any trial will be presided by a judge who's extremely biased against women.
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  7. May? Seriously? That’s the best the ‘justice’ system can do for Britney? Fuck off.
  8. If I'm not wrong, isn't this going into trial a good thing? Things are moving way too slowly.
  9. Jenny Nicholson's uncanny ability to find specific and wild internet rabbit holes needs to be studied
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  10. My thoughts exactly... fans were moaning about there being no trial and now there is they're still moaning?!

    I don't quite understand how/what is going to trial and which court. I'll have to look at the court docs after work.

    Also, if you're shocked at the US justice system not providing justice...
  11. It'd be fine if matters such as Jamie's misconduct and surveillance were going to trial - however, it seems like judge Penny simply can't commit to deciding about fees and paperwork and everything keeps getting postponed. Jamie/TriStar still haven't delivered documents or the 12th accounting. Compel them. Sam Ingham, Jamie and other 78 lawyers are requesting that Britney pay their fees but still haven't said why. Deny them.
  12. Does it mean that there is the full version of I’m Scared in this rehearsal? I’ve been waiting for so many years for this to leak.
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  13. Sam seemed to have commented on the recent conspiracy theories

  14. I really want to understand why all these lawyers think Britney should be paying their fees. Yes, under the conservatorship, legally, the estate pays for the fees of the conservator but it’s been revoked now. What is their argument?!

  15. Having a moment with me against the music tonight. This was just a random performance I stumbled across but what popstar these days would give a performance like this for a chat show. The choregraphy the outfit the attitude. Itzney was really Britney firing on every level and showing us what a world class popstar is.

  16. I still remember playing this over and over. The Circus Tour really was an event.
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  17. It really was. Can not believe I was shamed by a lot of people for attending (3 dates!) - and that they were giving tickets away for some London dates when this was brilliant spectacle of a pop show with smash after smash. Le ultimate pop fantasy.
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  18. I am pretty sure all eight dates were sold out, no?
  19. I remember £5 tickets being sold the day of some of the shows or was it £1 - and two friends definitely had those!

    Nn found a trashy piece about it
    8 nights was a lot anyway.
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