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I remember from the London dates hanging around the vip tent before the show. WIth my friend we met up with the tour manager, Cassie if i recall correctly, a lovely woman. She has invited us to the pre-show party with the dancers and we got upgraded to the standing pit instead of our regular seats. It was a fun night!
I was also there for the opening night, still remember the date (June 3rd)! My first time seeing her and my first time abroad as well. I was so so so excited and we were standing just behind the couches.

One fun detail I remember, is my friend having a camcorder that the security lady found during the check. She told us this was not allowed in the venue, but she then heard us speaking in Greek (she was Cypriot), so we had a chit chat and she eventually let us bring it with us. During Ciara's set, the always asshole security guy of Britney (Edan) saw my friend recording and literally jumped towards us and commanded we hide it otherwise he was going to kick us out. Of course we panicked at that moment, but my friend managed to have some shots of Britney in HD in the end. We have a big part of Ciara's set in amazing quality though. Such an amazing show in general, a great production!
I remember going to the Circus tour and telling my parents it was an educational school trip to the theatre because it was on a school night (I was in my early teens)

Me and my friend ordered standing tickets, queued for hours to secure a spot right at the front of the stage, only for a large group of screaming teenage girls to barge in front of us and block our view for most of the night and ruin all of our camera footage

I had the VIP stools my first London night (with the reception party with Circus performers, american food, ice cream, dancers at the party etc), then after the show was so good we went again the next day with standing (the behind the Love Couches area) and Ciara, Kris Jenner and Kim K walked in to watch Britney - they left after Everytime. And then I wanted moooore so caught a Paris date sat at the Love Couched finally! All iconic nights. It was the date she did Mannequin at. And Le Fantasy of course.
I think she needs more help than she's getting to deal with the anger and her bitterness at what seems like everyone in the world. It's understandable that she's angry but why are people letting her rant like this publicly (at some poor innocent worker who was likely just showing concern, as well as numerous other things over the past few months) and not advising her against it?

I just hope she's getting some form of therapy or support to deal with what probably seems like a whole new world to her after being isolated and controlled for so long

Anyone who dares to tell her what to or not to say will probably be banished from her life. I do hope she's getting appropriate help because I agree the lashing out is getting too much now. She got mad at people for not checking up on her and now when people do offer sympathy she still gets mad?!
People: *claim to be mental health advocates who promote understanding*

Also people: *shriek in horror at Britney's instagram being the reality that long-term trauma often creates individuals who are cynical, resentful and untrusting*

I beg y'all to free yourselves from the idea that you have to follow someone whose personality you don't like! The idea of holding people "accountable" on the internet, when often placed in the hands of people with no material understanding of what harm or accountability are, leads to things like weirdly mood-policing a trauma victim over concerns that they're not being 'positive' enough.

This was my annoyance with the consistent ableism and ironic misogyny over Ariana's time on social media and the constant weaponization of her trauma to paint her negative reactions to things as "concerning".

No one is entitled to positivity. You like someone for their music. That's not a license to demand they present their emotions to you in a specific way. That's not concern for her mental health, but anger that she's broken a social contract and is using social media in a way many celebs simply would not. Many comments elsewhere even go :"what does she think this is... her diary???". Yes, she clearly does.

It just feels like a pointless conversation rooted in intellectual dishonesty when you have people pretending to think she actually cursed out someone to their face.

Yes, she often trauma-dumps an overbearingly amount of negative thoughts. Which is why not following her if your feed is not meant for that is smart. But let's not feign concern that she's "harmed" an anonymous employee on the worry he'll somehow find her instagram post and feel unappreciated.
I can understand being hurt by a stranger saying "it's gonna be OK." It's definitely a bit patronizing. It's never a good idea to publicly call out low-wage workers, though.
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Anyway, does anyone know if there’s a semi decent chance of “My Only Wish This Year” finally making an appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 this year? It seems to be doing decently on streaming and it would just be wonderful if it could chart at like #100 and give her another entry on the Hot 100.
I can understand being hurt by a stranger saying "it's gonna be OK." It's definitely a bit patronizing. It's never a good idea to publicly call out low-wage workers, though.

This is what I mean when saying calling for accountability requires understanding what actually constitutes as harm. It'd be one thing if she actually lashed out at a random person she doesn't know - that would be abusive. But her post is about feelings she held in from saying to the worker.

It'd also be another thing if she exhibited harmful views, but highlighting the income of fast food workers is a bit nonsensical when nothing she complained about related to the person's labor. She didn't comment on the service or food.

Her venting starts and stops at the view that unsolicited attempts to paint her as a victim are negative and ill-intended. Sure, it's fine to find this behavior negative or overbearing, and most people finding the situation sad do just want best for her, but you can't actually hold someone 'accountable' for being (in their mind, justifiably) miserable. It's why most comments about her social media posts laser in on how they "look" or the impression they "give off" because it's hard to actually articulate any tangible harm she's allegedly doing to anyone by simply deciding to live her life feeling the world is hostile to her.

One has the right to be a fan and not feel required to closely monitor said behavior if they find it toxic, but it also feels like people who never liked Britney will disingenuously weaponize her mental health to allege harm that isn't actualized. Being miserable is not the same as doing harm to others.
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