Britney Spears

The way people will not be satisfied until Britney becomes a celebrity robot shielded and armored with an entorage of people "helping her be safe and filtered"... It's almost like they want it all back.

Let the woman make mistakes, she's not a criminal.

(Also, the amount of famous men showing ass recently on IG... I swear I saw none of the same "concern for their mental health" as Britney gets in every post).
Which famous, Britney level men are showing their asses on Instagram?

Anyways, while it’s not cool she called out a low-wage worker for that, and I get he was trying to be nice, but some people just don’t wanna hear none of it from some stranger. It’s lip service, you don’t know what they’ve been through. Honestly, Chris Crocker was right though: leave Britney alone.
Marina & The Conspiracies

Do we think we are going to get any pics of her in New York? I just want her to have fun. I still envision her moving to New York or London and starting a new life. Haha. Hope she has a great time!
I always say I can totally see her moving to the outskirts of London. Somewhere posh like Surrey or something. I'm not sure how she'd like the weather though!