Britney Spears


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2 years ago almost to the day since the documentary came out and people in the media were self flagellating about how they treated her. 2 years later it's happening all over again. Just leave her alone.
This whole debacle over the c-ship and BAnon only re-emphasizes that many people's concern with Britney was only ever self-serving. Whether it was Twitter likes, TikTok views, or Instagram stories, it's the exact same as 2007/08. If people can get a piece of the pie and visibility for their account, that's all that matters. I don't doubt that there are fans that genuinely care about her well-being, but the amount of online people that swerve and switch their positioning or simply fly in as "digital psychologists" just shows how "mental health" has become a buzz phrase to capitalize on for whichever benefit can be mined at the time. 99% of the online people that are loud about her health only care in ways that ultimately benefit their own social media footprint.