Britney Spears

Sam only ever talks to TMZ to defend her. This fan base usually fumes if he remains silent about everything. When he posts on his IG, people don’t take him seriously. So, when he tries to clear up narratives on camera, then, everyone fumes about him talking to a camera man.
"Why does she stay in her house all day dancing on Insta?"

*goes out to restaurant and people can't control themselves*

"She's crazy!"

One lingering effect of the conservatorship is that in the years that it existed, through social media most celebrities came down to Earth and were revealed to be your everyday ordinary bores and narcissists. But Britney inadvertently retained this rockstar mystique (which is sort of fair, but also...not?) that creates hysteria and the urge to capture her. Moving somewhere else would have been a very good idea in 2006, but I'm not sure unless she went somewhere truly outside the traditional Western media circus that it would matter now.
They won’t be happy until they tear her apart. It just seems that even with all the documentaries and reassessing the behaviour of the last 20 years people still just don’t get it, haven’t these people thought maybe they are the maniacs.
I’m pretty sure the TMZ reversal is fake. I tried reversing it and did not get the same result. Also, all the background noise on the clip is still in reverse, with the clear “that’s Britney Spears, I’m trying to get away” over the top of it…doesn’t make sense.