Britney Spears

Between this and that ex entering her house on wedding day, between the secret filming in restaurants and locals starting to ask me again what is wrong with her now I feel deeply disturbed and just wish people would get lives really. Pathetic human trash everywhere, stop the theories, stop even thinking about her.
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This has me shook:

Whitney's debut album and five of her songs have received new certifications from the RIAA! This brings her 'Whitney Houston' album up to 14x Platinum, tying with Britney Spears and Meat Loaf for biggest-selling debut album by a solo artist in the U.S.

Baby One More Time was last certified in 2004, what's the possibility of it getting another 1m since then?? Could it be the highest solo debut of all time or am I missing something?
Britney's singles and albums would get at least an additional RIAA 25-30x platinum certifications if they were actually fucking updated. Toxic and Scream & Shout are probably diamond right now. Glory is most likely gold.
Oh my god. I just found a fan account that estimated her certifications to be approximately 114 million certified US sales. Right now she’s at….46 million. And this was in 2021.
She doesn't owe a thing to anyone, but I do wish she would post a audio clip of her denouncing fans and the media and saying to leave her alone. She always comes across so effectively when she speaks.


That first time she spoke during her court appearance in 2021 had me (and the world) absolutely shook.

I hate that people still seem to harass her in restaurants and stuff though, I really thought things would be different after everything that's happened.

Not another drive by shooting at doll head eater alsjalakksls
I'm screaming because literally the first pic I thought of: