Britney Spears

“I wonder why they didn’t just ask my little sister to be in this as she loves to perform my music, while I have to sit back and watch pretending I enjoy it even though I couldn’t feel more disgusted by it… or my dad as he pretended to be Britney Spears for 13 years of my life lol I do think flowers are very pretty though! While I was living in New York City years ago I used to walk past this pretty flower shop right at the corner of my street. I always wondered how it would feel like working in such a beautiful and joyful place. Ps What colour are stars? Everybody seems to think yellow, but I think red because that’s the most divine colour and stars are divine particles of nuclear forges. Anyways god bless. Pps my song “Boys” is so good!”
*insert several emojis*
I... I can't tell if this is fake or not.

Kali Uchis with a picture of Britney hanging (in her house?) Talent stans talent!

Edit: Nevermind, I posted before fully watching - she's in a studio lol

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