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Fire said:
They were not suppost to be links, as I said they were quoting mishaps, but you did actually say that I said Britney was top dog, go back and read if you don't believe me.

The song '3' proves she isn't hated as you say, as she didn't promote it, nothing was happening in her personal life when it was released and it was a big hit for her even though the song is just an ok song that wouldn't be a #1 american hit if it wasn't for her name. To say the public generally think she is shit is just arrogant and ignorant of you considoring you said before people wanted her to get better, get your storys straight.

The saying 'Britney fucking Spears' was because well she is one of few people you can say that about, you can't call me a stan for recognising her success.

And if you want to call me a stan thats your opinion, then I say your a hater.

I never said u said britney was top dog ive read it and i wrote it i know what i said if you read it wrong then thats not my fault.

just because people want her to get better doesnt mean they have to think she is an amazing singer they think she is shit but that doesnt mean they want to see her go crazy my storys are straight.

and 3 is a good song like ive said before its not because of her name its arrogant of you to say she does well based on her name if her music was shit then she wouldnt do well. and when i say people think she is shit they mean her as a singer, performer, dancer. her music is good because of autotune and over producing.

i never called you a stan for recognizing her sucess i called you a stan for called her britney fucking spears that has fuck all to do with her success its shows your arraogance that you think she is the best ever like she is god

and im not a hater i like britney im just argueing with you because i think as an artist she is irrelevant but i still like her, i even went to see her on the circus tour. im just not a stan like you so i will say when she does something wrong not defend her to the death

anyway ive had enough of arguing with you. your just a stan who wont accept anyone elses opinion unless its positive so id rather talk to someone who accepts someone elses opinion and who isnt a stan and actually has a brain and is worth listening to
hookeronachurch...whatever. Please start using real words and capital letters. Telling people to "gtfo" does little to advance the conversation.
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Fire said:
hookeronachurchcorner said:
Fire said:
hookeronachurchcorner said:
i dont think she is that relevant these days she sells because her music is good but i dont think anyone really cares that much about her and theres more negativity on her within the general public than good and yes id say Gaga has replaced her definatley

More negativity than good? sure she has her internet haters but is generally loved by the general public, and has earned her legend status post breakdown. Gaga has not replaced her as they are completely different packages.

no i mean people in general off and on the internet a lot of people think shes crap. Its always the old Britney was good now she justs mimes and after shows like x factor people these days just dont care for her. the only reason she sells is because the music is good but its not really because of her. most people think of her as a mess sadly

and no there both pop singers and Gaga is the worlds leading pop star at this present moment so is replacing more than just Britney

If many people thought of her as a mess they wouldn't of supported her after she got better. If any other pop star did the things she did and wanted to have a 2nd chance, they would certainly not be back to being one of the most successful people of the time. She is actually more successfull than ever these days considoring her last tour was her most successful one, and her last single was huge with no promotion, and manage to debut on the american chart at #1 even before a video was out, so no she is not irrelevant at all, she just isn't top dog. No one ever stays top dog for a massive amount of time anyway so gagz should enjoy it while she can.

Yes but im talking about her as an artist not as a person everyone wanted her to get back up and get better but as an artist i dont think anyone really cares that much for her. Not just Britney gets a second chance other people do to she isnt the queen of the world. and she hasn't been more successful ok yes her tour done good and had 1 number one single but in terms of album sales they have dropped a lot. And speaking of top dog Britney definatley isnt top dog like you said but even though GaGa is im sure she will be for a LONG time she has the talent to hold her back the public LOVE her at the moment and anticipate everything she does.

Look at bold, you did say that, proof.

Do I think Britney is god, GOD NO, I don't even respect her so no I am not a stan, but I don't respect anyone in the entertainment industry anyway. And saying I'm not accepting anyone elses opinion is the most arrogant thing you can say. How dare you think I have to accept your opinion as right, I recognise it is your opinion, so kindly recognise mine. I'm defending her because I have a right to, and I do recognise when she messes up and will comment fairly as always, but here the argument is irrelevancy, and to call Britney Spears irrelevant to people is laugh out loud worthy.


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hookeronachurchcorner said:
firstly learn to code.

Gaga is a brand new artist. Shes turning into an artist now as shes on her third album and been known for long enough for people to not class her as new.

the fame monster did not have the same amount of promo as the fame did

you understand now ?
Firstly, look at the rules.

The Fame Monster's promotion was massively bigger than The Fame's.
Well, that depends on how we look at things. 'The Fame' wasn't anticipated as much, but only because Lady Gaga wasn't well known when it was released like she was when 'The Fame Monster' was last November. However, if you want to get technical, Gaga technically promoted 'The Fame' for about a year and three months straight. . . .Honestly, I consider her still to be promoting it.
new single this month produced by Pharrell?? :O

Now, the big secret you're all wondering about...

Britney IS coming up with new music and she does have a new single hitting airwaves before the end of August. The song, produced by Pharell Williams, is said to be ready. According to original reports I got, the song was called My Big Secret (it was also added to BMI). It's just a few hours ago that it was confirmed that My Big Secret was actually a song recorded back in 2001 which means it has actually nothing to do with the new single or album... But, the new single IS produced by Pharell and this is what he was referring to when he said something was coming up for Britney fans.

So, we do have a new single coming up and the album should be released by the end of 2010 or early 2011. Production is still being done on the yet untitled album. Britney's management is keeping everything under tight wraps but they do have a secret for us, Britney fans...


they were pretty reliable, I remember when they posted about an official release about the new album coming soon and then the Circus release popped out on the internet the next day!
So here are some rumors of what to expect on August 27th and from the new album from

Apparently August 27th will be the relaunch of with new album information and information about the first single, with the first single premiering on September 9th. According to their source the album is not yet finished and Britney is still deciding on the final tracklist. Well have to wait until August 27th to see if any of this is actually true.
So now BreatheHeavy is reporting on the rumor that the new single is a collaboration with Rihanna and premiering on September 7th.... so who knows what's true...


This is all such a fail.
That garbage story about Pharrell is bullshit - He didn't say anything about Britney news, it was Darkchild.

I don't even know why people bother promoting all the rumors they read online - none of them ever amount to anything. Why can't people just ignore them until something comes from a true, reliable source?


Daneeeboy said:
This is my favourite part of an album campaign. Loony speculation and flat out lies.

I can't stand it. Nobody has rumors and lies about a new album more than Britney, and sometimes I think people make things up just because they know a lot of her fanbase is dumb enough to buy into it.
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g.britney said:
Fire said:
And Brit-Brit is a fan of his. It would damage her career immensley but imagine if her next album was called 'Godney'.
Well she had and she will always have the chocking element. It would turn the world upside down.

No it wouldn't. It would piss off conservatives and may be news for a while but the world would eventually give a collective 'meh'.

I honestly think it would barely cause an uproar haha, maybe for pre-2007 Britney, but I think people would just smile and say "Oh my god, that Britney shameless". I would prefer "Living Legend" or something hilariously conceited haha.

Also, I haven't listened to Blackout in like a month..but I'm listening to it right now, and my GOD, it still hasn't lost it's touch. "Break the Ice" is a feast for the ears, haha, the flawless production mixed with her vocals are chill inducing....such an immense song.
Daneeeboy said:
This is my favourite part of an album campaign. Loony speculation and flat out lies.

I can't stand it. Nobody has rumors and lies about a new album more than Britney, and sometimes I think people make things up just because they know a lot of her fanbase is dumb enough to buy into it.

You should try being a Madonna fan.


I think "Godney" and all the other lame nicknames fans give their favorite artist are really stupid. Godney? Godga? ...really? It's like a 4th grader who thinks he's clever came up with it....and yet, people use these names in all seriousness.

For the record, "Godney" has zero ring to it.
I think the "Godney" nickname stuck when a lot of her fanbase found out that it is actually the name of a village/civil parish also haha.

I remember they went crazy over it on Breatheveavy, not the least bit shocking. Imagine if Britney ever visited "Godney", I think the website would explode.