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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Hopefully Will comes around to the Britney love by the end of the episode. The idea of them all happening to go to the dentist at the same time seems a little lame, though.
  2. I think he will, all the kids apparently are going to love her but then he doesn't and then I'm sure they'll end up winning him over somehow. Then everyone will smash up Sue's car with umbrellas and go pantiless!

    Or not.
  3. Ugh I'm going to have to watch that turd now. Sad times.
  4. She was amazing on Will and Grace, I often still tell people in an alabama accent "I'm into leather play, butch black girls, skunkin', pullin' the blinds, and poodle-ballin'.
  5. I would LOVE to see Britney in Glee, infact swap her for SuBo!!!
  6. I hate glee but will be watching the episode, I know I mention this everytime I talk about it, but I need to make that clear incase anyone thinks I watch that shit.

    But I hope Britney plays a character and not herself, also I want the characters name to be Christina.
  7. I wouldn't be scared if she was working with the Neptunes......Britney knows what a hot track is and I don't think she'll disappoint. Also "Hot-n-Fun" is ace, the problem is that they feel so passe now both as NERD and The Neptunes. I have faith though.
  8. Just wait and see guys, either way if she is hitting us with a new music in September/Novemeber, it will be a busy month for Britney with all the stuff going on!
  9. A song from 2001? Ew. If it wasn't good enough back then nevermind the past 9 years then I don't see how it's going to be relevant now. I have faith though, Britney hasn't let us down with her first singles just yet. I'm not even going to get excited about anything to do with Glee until it's confirmed on her website or we see her filming it.

    In other news even the creator of Twitter (Jack Dorsey) is now stating that it is not in fact Britney tweeting but it is a ghost writer. I'm sure all you 'Godney' (that name actually makes me cringe) will somehow have a comeback as to how it is actually her. Here's what he had to say:

  10. I think there is quite a good chance of a single on the 27th, with the end of the first episode of the new glee season showing a trailer for Britneys episode the week after, she will be in glee fans minds, then single premiers, people having Britney fresh in their minds will listen to it.
  11. Britney + Glee cast VMA performance.

  12. 3Xs


    Not sure if it's been posted here, but this is all over tumblr today:


    Rumor has it that this is still the first single.
  13. 'My big secret is that I actually prefer iced lattes to frappes, y'all!'
  14. Judging by the BMI work number it was registered years ago. Fans think it may be from the Britney or In The Zone sessions.
  15. It was registered 11th December 2001, but interestingly, an amendment was made 24th June 2010.
  16. 3Xs



    And the plot thickens...

  17. An amendment means like a change or something?
    *Not too good with overly big words, ha*

    I am now intruiged.
  18. RE: Britney appearing on Glee, they've already filmed the Britney episode haven't they? Or are late in the process of it now... It was about a week ago pictures came out of Lea Michele in the Baby tracksuit I think.

    She could be appearing later in the season though.
  19. This would be the most amazing thing ever - well if Glee did a Britney medley first and then the surprise at the end was that Brit came out to perform her new single. It'd never happen if only for the fact that when it comes to Britney MTV can't keep a secret if she's actually doing it.
  20. After this was published, BRITannica went to twitter and proclaimed

    I think I will choose to believe a person who actually has direct access to Britney and her team, instead of a man who has no contact with her at all...I mean he is just the creator, Britney doesn't have to go through hm to tweet.

    I agree with him on the fact that her tweets aren't personal all the time, and I'd rather it stay as such...the last thing I wanna read is half the stupid stuff people like Ashton/Perez/GaGa/ and Kim Kardashian say on theirs.
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