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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I don't doubt it came from her mouth but I don't believe she's ever logged onto twitter before in her life.
  2. Apparently there would be no head shaving in the glee episode.

  4. Is that a reliable site then? I have no idea myself!
  5. Not sure, but it's news none the less!
  6. LJB


    Aaaw, I used to be on UBritney forums.

    The webmaster is a SUPER nice guy and has no reason to lie. He's not one of those tossers who want attention or hits.

    And these Pharrell produced single rumors are gaining a lot of momentum. The whole amending of this 'secret' song is... very interesting. As ever I'm not getting to excited as it's Britney but - this might be happening guys!
  7. 3Xs


    I love Pharrell and Britney together. A new single from them would be so much win.
  8. Hopefully he won't feature if this is true, I hate lead singles with featured artists. Just thinking about getting a Boys part 2 is sickening.
  9. I will NEVER understand the hate for "Boys"....that is my ultimate ho anthem.
  10. For me it just doesn't have that Britney magic, its a fan track more than a commercial track obviously, but even as a superfan of Britney, I'm with the general public on 'Boys'.
  11. 'Boys' bores me slightly and makes me sigh to think what they could have released from the 'Britney' album in it's place. 'Let Me Be', 'Lonely', 'Cinderella', all great tracks that never got the chance to shine.
  12. Boys is bloody amazing... I do love it, it feels more "real" than Slave, less like she's put it on. Unpopular opinion, I know.

    This is entirely conjecture, so feel free to ignore it, but, IF these rumours are true, looking at the timeframe, the song is due to be premiered on the 9th. The Britney Glee episode airs on the 28th Could we be looking at a premier of the video after the Britney Glee episode? They showed Vogue after the season premier, so it wouldn't be impossible, and it would be a great promotion slot for the song. Her people would be crazy if they didn't at least try to make it happen.
  13. There is a Twitter campaign to get Britney to host SNL again. On August 17th fans are supposed to tweet #BritneySNL to tell Britney's management we want Britney back on SNL.
  15. ^ Gimme More, Womanizer, & 3 were all released at Z100 in NYC, I believe. If she was releasing within a week, we would know it and she'd be releasing at a much larger station.
  16. Hence why it sounds fake. I mean why would she premiere her song on some station in New Orleans?
  17. Maybe because she is a Louisiana native?
  18. She'd still release it to a big station though. She's in the Top 3 females in music, she'd release to a station like Z100 or KIIS, not a small station in New Orleans.
  19. It's fake because there's no way there going to premiere a first single from a new album with absolutely no promo or hype. Not because of the radio station.
  20. Boys is one of my favourite Britney songs ever - every time I listen to it I hear another little whispered statement in the background. I loved that she did the background vocals on the Neptunes tracks as well - so many layers of Britney!

    The Co-Ed Remix is total shit though, in comparison.

    And I'd love for Brit to do SNL again, hosting and performing.
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