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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Yeah, the very point of a premiere is to generate a bit of interest, and get people talking. Just chucking it out on a mid sized radio station really doesn't do that.
  2. LJB


    Boys Co-Ed is one of my favourite Britney songs. I totally 'get' why she loves it so much and don't get why others don't like it, like at all.

    And yeah. Britney doesn't do low-key premiers to small radio stations in New Orleans with no much as a press release before. She's Britney Spears. Just no.

    We'll know when it's being released as they'll issue one of those press release images they did for Blackout and Circus, they'll have numerous reviews of the single from here and MTV and such, she'll probably have a cover on stands, etc etc. Oh and we'll get about a million tweets from different managers and fansites and producers about when it'll be released with some innane countdown that'll all turn out to be WAY wrong and we'll be left bitching and moaning at how a clip that leaked was shit and how they might've cancelled the song and how it's all doom and gloom... until the song finally premiers and we all go batshit crazy and love it and have a 'Britney's back moment'*

    *Before hating it 2 months later.
  3. So apparently Britney's cameo on Glee will be in an anesthesia-induced dream sequence when one of the cast members pays a visit to the dentist. The dentist will be played by John Stamos. Also the latest rumor is that the new album info will coincide with the Glee episode, which is scheduled to air September 28th. "Womanizer" was released on September 26th 2008 so this timeline would make sense.
  4. Fall looks like it's going to be exciting, after all...but I'm still completely skeptical.

    Pharrell...*sigh*...I just can't stop talking about my dislike of the idea. He just seems so dated. So early-mid 00's r&b/ he any different now? Has he gone more dance or clubbish like everyone else? I haven't followed him since he was in his hayday, on account of my utter distaste for anything he's produced. I just don't want Britney to have some urban sounding Boys pt 2.
  5. Maybe that is why she went with him, you know for something different.

    I'd rather her stand out, than blend in with the crowd, and I understand that you can still be different by following the trend..but the fact that Pharrel isn't known for that type of music makes it exciting to see what they come up with.

    Reports have said she is going for a hard-hitting dance vibe with this album, so it's will be an amazing experience for both of take him out of his comfort zone while still working in the elements he is known for....I think Pharrell and Britney create great music, so I am looking forward to this if it is indeed true.
  6. What I'm saying is, if he hasn't moved on into what's currently popular and has stayed with his roots, I feel as though it's going to end up extremely Christina's Polow/Tricky songs. That hip-hop style only got done being uber popular a few years ago, and I feel like electronic/dance music of the now still has a while longer to evolve and stay in the go back to something that only recently died out so she'll be "different" is a horrible thought, because it more than likely wouldn't be different in a good way. Again, see Christina.
  7. I don't know if anyone follows Godney on Facebook but the updates always make me laugh so hard.

  8. 3Xs



    Going to go follow her right now.
  9. I love Godney's new default.
  10. I've decided to record a covers album where i'll be completely re-making some of the best pop hits of the last few decades and have started with 'Britney-Baby One More Time'. It's all guitars and vocals right now. Don't expect it to sound anything like Britney because i'm going for a much more raw and organic rock sound.

    Hope you guys like the clip of the track. I just started this project today.
  11. NO way! We would have some official word...
  12. Would be nice if they premiere the music Video for Britneys first single, directly after the Glee episode!

    Think she may appear in the episode, but just for some jokes & fun and not for a perfomance... because it´s a tribute to her - so she surely won´t perform herself.

    I´m just fine with it, if she will be on the show!

    On August 27 we´ll get the single announcment - for sure. Doubt the first single hit radio stations in late august, it will be within the first 2 weeks in september.
    Don´t think Pharrell produced it - will be someone new or someone she never worked before.
  13. Christina, is that you?
  14. Haha I was thinking the same thing! "The raw emotion of the song....Sia, Le Tigre, Ladytron..........why isn't my album selling?"
  15. He did Uffie's ADD SUV, which was slightly amazing.... But imagining brit even attempt that style makes my head hurt.
  16. TM


    Either end or start the episode with "It's Britney Bitch" or the Gimme More laugh, please Brit Brit.
  17. Pharrell lately has guested on Uffie ADD SUV (although that was produced by Mirwais) and Swedish House Mafia's 'One' which is a completely dance song. Sooo I would imagine he's more interested in that direction these days. Maybe with some Neptunes beats it could be really amazing, and original.
  18. Apu, You are so comical to me. Hahaha.

    Just because she is rumored to be working with Pharrell doesn't mean we'll get something sounding like Boys(The CO-ED remix is awesome BTW, I don't really get the hate) or slave.
    This is Britney we are talking about, She always delivers something fresh and exciting.
    Let's just wait and see what will happen, this whole "Oh god boys part 2" thing is ridiculously juvenile.

    I mean Lady Gaga's Telephone doesn't sound like "I'm good" by Blaque(Soundtrack Honey) Both Produced by Darkchild. And no Lady Gaga's "Co-Producing" had nothing to do with it. Another example is "When i grow up"(Pussycat Dolls).

    So Let's just wait and see/hear.
  19. Yeah - mentioned this a few pages before... but nobody cared *insert sad face
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