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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. TM


    I hope she ignores his filthy ass.
  2. Can you imagine if she got on stage with her?!
  3. TM


    Never going to happen. Her team's smarter than that, I hope.
  4. Maybe Gaga can give her a shout out?
    That would be majestic.
  5. I agree on all accounts. Britney's not really a band wagon person comapred to say, Madonna. She doesn't hook up with the 'hottest' producer (Timbaland etc.) for credibility. She's just not like that. Thank god.
  6. I'd like that though if she didn't give Madonna a shout out, she's not likely to give Britney a shout out.
  7. I'll be surprised if she does actually attend tonight. There's not a chance in hell she'd perform with her, her team aren't stupid enough to launch Britney back into the limelight by having her perform with Lady Gaga at a Lady Gaga concert. At least I hope not.
  8. Relevant in terms of "celebrity," not as a musician
  9. Well Britney doesn't sing live so I can't see that happening, maybe gaga will sing a britney song?
  10. LJB


    Nothing will happen, Britney is just going to watch a pop show as a civilian the way she has for many shows...
  11. Yep, that is if she is even going. Britney doesn't strike me as being into modern pop artists enough to go see them. I know she is the princess of pop, but I reckon she is more into the likes of Kings of Leon and Maroon 5 herself.
  12. TM


    Why is Adam calling BS on BreatheHeavy's story about that new artist? All it says about Britney is that she went to the studio when he was recording his song.
  13. I doubt she would go either. Remember the rumours that she went to see Beyonce and it wasn't her?

    Perez is full of crap, so doubt it's true. If it is, then I doubt she'll want to draw attention to herself.

    Besides she's done that with Madonna and Michael Jackson, so it doesn't top those!
  14. It also goes to saying she would manage him! Plus if she wasn't there, then it's BS right?
  15. God knows. Perhaps the bit about Britney visiting him in the studio wasn't true.

    Want to know what this 'bullshit' article does suggest though? That her team are visiting fansites and are aware of whats being posted regarding the It's A Secret thing. It's funny how they've not called 'bullshit' on that eh?
  16. Didn't we see that kid in For The Record?..As i recall there have been rumors in the past of Britney Managing him of which didn't get any response..
  17. TM


    It said there were 'talks' that she would manage him. But why trash the whole piece? Poor Paul Butcher!
  18. How could people who make these rumors possibley even think that people would believe a woman who is not in full control of her own life be able to manage someone elses career?
  19. Good point! Mind you Britney's team have always kept an eye on Jordan and Breatheheavy, as they were going to sue them at one point hence why Jordan closed his site for awhile.

    But having said that, it's good that they are paying attention and doing a better marketing ploy.
  20. TM


    Her team definitely keep a close eye on BreatheHeavy. It's the biggest Britney fan site! They'd be incredibly silly not to.
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