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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. I could totally see Gaga performing Quicksand as a one night thing since she's done it before.
  2. I wouldn't like to hear that, Quicksand suits an innocent voice, not a husky one.
  3. She sings along to the album vocals. I was close enough to hear her real voice when I saw her live last summer.
  4. I can think of many pop-stars who should be worrying about their relevancy to the pop-world but Britney Spears, is hardly one of them. There is no need to go into long essays or arguing about the whether she is or not, because the evidence speaks for itself.
  5. um it has nothing to do with how close you're convincing yourself of something that's not there.
  6. I'm going to Gaga on Thursday. Last night I dreamt that Britney came out and sang Beyoncé's part during "Telephone."
  7. So according to a "music insider" all of the rumors about a new album are untrue and we are at least 6 months - 1 year away from anything new.

  8. I call Bullshit on that article.
  9. Called it. Not saying it's anymore true than any of the other rumors, but i've felt like this is the case all along. I think people are getting their hopes up only to feel extremely empty handed and disappointed this fall.
  10. I dunno, her team denied and denied in 2008 that she was working on anything and then all the sudden we had "Womanizer" I definitely don't think anything is coming in August like some of the rumors say, but there's definitely something coming sooner rather than later.
  11. LJB


    Called what?

    Every SINGLE other Britney source on the internet, including some big campaign from which whilst not perfect is still the most reputable non-100% official Britney website, and numerous continuities between rumors making a very clear pattern


    Breathe Heavy?

    Logic depicts nothing is being 'called'.
  12. Seriously, when are Britney fans/people interested in her, going to realize never believe ANYTHING BreatheHeavy posts...or at least take it with the biggest grain of salt you have ever seen.

    Jordan has proved time and time again, he doesn't know shit.....BreathHeavy is only still up and running because it's her fans and their reports that keep it afloat.

    If it has x17/BreathHeavy attached to might as well file it under Britney's BS alert.

    That is all....
  13. Well, we'll see, won't we? I'd love an album this fall - the sooner the better. I'm just not getting my hopes up for anything, and still see all these rumors getting fans excited for nothing.
  14. "Jive would never, ever make an announcement of a new single just a few weeks prior to it's release. That would be a very stupid move by today's industry standards. They want hype around Britney and anything she releases. You would know at least several months ahead of new material being released."

    False. Womanizer/Circus and 3 beg to differ.
  15. Britney just tweeted that she is on her way to see Lady GaGa:

  16. Apparently Beyonce and Britney are both there and there's rumours Beyonce will join Gaga for Telephone.
  17. 3Xs


    I don't know what to believe, I have a gut feeling something is coming, and all rumors are pointing that way, but it could be nothing. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

    And Mr Telephone is back!! Wooo!
  18. I hope she has fun, I hope someone gets a shot of her there, I would love to see her singing along to "Telephone" when it's performed haha.
  19. I pray to God that we have a pic of the two of them together back stage tomorrow!
  20. COULD YOU IMAGINE....a picture of Britney, GaGa, AND Beyonce.


    Beysus, GodGa, and The Holy Spearit

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