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Britney Spears

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Maybe we get a taste of Ruskos popproduction on the new Rihanna album "LOUD"... I´m generally curious what he creates for popartist like her & Britney, cause I like the direction for M.I.A.s XXXO. It´s one of my favourite tunes beside Robyns Dancing on my own, this year!
  2. XXXO is brilliant so I'm excited for Rusko's production if he makes the cut.

    In other news has released a statement regarding Mr. Flores' allegations and Kevin Federline has disputed the claims Mr. Flores has made against Britney. I believe all of this was investigated months ago though..?
  3. I'm so disappointed that this album probably won't be out until 2011... The only other 'big' artist releasing this year is Rihanna and as much as I love her, she's no competition for Britney.
  4. At this point, I'm looking more forward to Willow Smith's wig-snatching debut album haha
  5. More rumors about her POP Magazine perfromance....

    I can see her showing up, the party is dedicated to her issue, but performing we shall see..
  6. RJF


    This was probably posted ages ago, but does anyone know the story behind this demo? I really like the sound of it. Kind of what Rihanna should have come back with.
  7. I kind of like that demo, the production is a bit bonkers in the way that fits Britney.
  8. Listening to Mona Lisa, Dramatic and Rebellion (need the full version!!) I'm so disappointed the Original Doll album never came out. Sounds like it would've been sort of nuts, but in an amazing way. Hope she gets creative control back some time.
  9. I'm in no rush for a personal album from Britney. Not saying I don't want one, just at least two more albums full of hits and then an original doll type album.
  10. All That She Wants is awesome too. Damn.... So much good unreleased stuff from around 2008!!
  11. And don't forget Over To You Now! Gotta love songs about anal sex.
  12. Personal Britney is simply no good, to me. It's not like personal Madonna, or personal just doesn't translate well. Anything personal from Britney I've heard has ranged from slightly tolerable to utter shit...nothing actually great, or spectacular. I simply don't think she has it in her to produce an album that's personal and listenable at the same time.
  13. While her track record as proven patchy at best thus far, I do believe that with the right producers she could make a stellar personal album.
  14. Britney is one of the few people I actually like personal stuff from.
  15. Rebellion and Let Go are my top faves.
  16. 'Everytime' aside, Britney just seems to benefit from other people writing her confessions for her. She is unique in that way, but it makes her interesting.
  17. Godney Spears out snatching up wigs today with Brett & Edan:


  18. She is still dressing in a presentable manner after her break! This is a good sign.
  19. LJB


    And Brett's with her...

    These January 2011 rumors make no sense. Jive would just never ever do that. Miss Christmas? Nah.
  20. Exactly, JIVE always aim for the November/December release to make the most money.
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