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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Toxicated, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Me Against the Music is disgusting. Britney and Madonna (the Madonna, and the Britney) collaborate, and that's what they came up with? It was such a letdown.
  2. Exaggerated much?
  3. But you're forgetting about Dear Diary!
  4. Sure didn't hear it tearing up any airwaves...
  5. Wasn't it just a case of Madonna hearing the solo Britney song and offering to be a part of it?

    It's not like they went into the studio and thought 'right, Madonna's on this, let's make this amazing', it would just have been another song for the album when it was originally recorded.

    I think it's a great song anyway.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    It's terrible and even more terrible because of them two being responsible.
    Madonna's lines especially are just argh 'hey Britney I'd rather... SHUT UP!
  7. I know, right? I always cringed at the aspect of the two of them talking to one's just so stupid.
  8. Britney premiered MATM at that NHL thing and it was more R&B sounding, which I liked but didn't feel it was strong enough as a first single. After doing the vmas with Madonna, Britney layed the song to her and Madonna said she'll love to be on it. So she wrote some more lyrics and got it remixed better.
  9. Are you serious? You sound like a 4th grader who's Candy has been taken away in class.

    You've already expressed your hate against the song(No pun intended,Haha) on Numerous occasions, No need for the choice of words you're using. Really.
  10. Number 1 song worldwide and the highest selling female single of that year, makes me thinks otherwise....

    Brilliant song, brilliant video, brilliant performances.........haters stay pressed. Haha

    * whips hair back and forth *
  11. Epic, Werk that hair Mr Telephone Man. Haha.

    Honestly The song is just Amazing.
  12. "Hop up out the bed turn my swag on, ain't no sense listening to them haters cuz we whip em off "

    That's my motto for any Me Against the Music hate..haha
  13. stupid...........................My secondhand embarrassment is telling me to leave now. Good day.
  14. U MAD?

    Its an amazing song and I'm sticking to that assessment, and that song kicked off one hell of an album campaign, so it did it's job...
  15. Should've released Breathe on me instead.
  16. And that would have flopped would have been a disaster.

    It never would have worked as anything more than an album track
  17. MATM gave us the most amazing performances.

    Plus I like the song. i'mupagainstthespeakertryingtotakeonthemusicit'slikeacompetitionmeagainstthebeatiwannagetinthezone
  18. MATM flopped in the U.S.
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